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  1. Lookin pretty snazzy my friend. Keep up the good work!
  2. Mister Quanon, do you happen to know where I might be able to find the latest copy of Kaurora? This would be delightfully helpfull to me and I await your reply.

  3. Kudos dude... that is one of the hardest songs to learn.

  4. redrob, I took a look at some of your mods, and they are very impressive :). You do a mighty fine job with skinning and modeling. I was especially impressed with the Sand Person mod, the skin and helmet you did for the Revan Robes version was just astounding. If i ever get the time to play through TSL again, I will have that one at the top of my list. :)



  5. Well I'm sure there are a few people around here who can do simple animated cgi in Max, I know I am one of them. However due to my itchy schedule and the overloaded work of my own mod, I only have time to work on one project at a time :(. I would definitely recommend checking around at CGI oriented forums, I scrounged up some VERY good 3d modelers and animators from places like that. Though i don't really recall any of the sites specifically :/.



  6. Sweet! Another Jimi Hendrix fan :). Its nice to see someone with good music taste around here :p. Fly on brotha.


    And thank you very much, I always appreciate encouragement ^_^

  7. I don't think we say this enough. I love you man, stay groovy.

  8. Yikes, that doesn't sound good, I'm sure if I knew more about what you were talking about, I would be able to sympathize easier, but as it stands, im not very techy . I have faith in you though Mag, if anyone can pull it off, its you.
  9. Yo Jeff, it's been a while man, how are you?

  10. Ahhhh that's great news! Now Quanon will just have to show me how to make lightmaps and we are all in buisness , Excellent work Mag.
  11. Hey MagnusII, I noticed something strange when working on a coruscant module. The texture for the moving ships in the background doesn't have a .txi file attached to it, so I figured it must move through texture scrolling, this is another thing i encountered in NWN modding. Do you think that if you are able to figure out how to export animations from 3dsMax into Kotor, UV scrolling will translate into that?
  12. Mag, I have another request. I do a lot of work on Vista 64bit, is there any way we can get the tool working in compatibility with it? Right now i use my laptop to model, but i have to bring the model to my desktop which runs xp in order to get it to compile with KAurora. It would make things go a lot faster.
  13. I think he means for like elevators, or moving platforms. Seems like it would be more of a futuristic goal than a now one though, Id like to get the basics knuckled down first before moving onto things that are more complex. Namely, being able to walk through one of my modules without the camera flying through the walls .
  14. Tatooine landing platform, there is a red light next to the ebon hawk that strobes, i noticed it a while ago while playing silveredge's mod. I'm not sure if this helps, but I remember that in editing modules in Neverwinter Knights, which uses the aurora engine, lights weren't part of the model itself but were added in the same manner as placeables. The lights in there had properties that you could set to make it strobe, and it just seems to me like the lights in kotor follow the same guidelines : /. The way I have it right now is I set all the lights to priority 1, they dont all render at once, but when the player moves close to the others, they turn on, while the others behind the player turn off. It works for now, but I would like to be able to use more than 3 lights per room. I too was thinking that there must be some kind of field where they set how many AuroraDLights can be on at one time. I dont think that kind of thing would be hard coded. Edit: I take it back, a much better module to be looking at is 001EBO, the first module of KOTOR2, there's at least a dozen flashing lights in there, everywhere there is a computer console there is a flashing light of some color, that would be the best place to check it out.
  15. Thats interesting, I would like to know how I might bypass the limitations with this field, as I have tried every method I could with it. It seemed to me that the Light Priority field set which lights held the priority over others of being lit, not really setting how many lights can be on at one time in an area. So if there are 4 lights in an area, the 3 lights with the highest priority would be on, while the lower lights would be off. Though I know you know much more about this than me . This is just what I have found to be a problem Also, how might we affect these flare parameters? I know that there are a few flare parameters in max, but they don't quite work, it asks you to select a texture, and if you dont, then none of the numbers you put in stay there when you select something else. I think the flare effect is for a "Lens Flare" effect, the kind you see when you look at the sun, not so much a light emitting effect that would generate the strobe i had mentioned earlier. This is all very confusing
  16. Oh Magnusll, Having you back is such a wonderful thing. I think the main thing that I myself would like to see from KAurora is the ability to work with real lights, rather than just the basic AuroraDLights, which only a maximum of 3 may be active at one time , I noticed that a lot of the lights in Kotor have the ability to strobe, as well as have other effects, so I know they use something other than the AuroraDLights. Also, camera collision maps would be wondrous as well. Not that I take the current tool fro granted or anything, it works like a charm . Glad to see you back. -Doc
  17. Hey Venom, I will get that all fixed for you as soon as possible.

  18. Well, by team, I mean mostly me Im going to have to get some more people, but im waiting until near the end to do that Thank you very much. I actually saw some pictures of your inner city mod a few pages back and I think it looks awesome. I have wanted someone to show that side of Taris for such a long time now. Keep up the good work
  19. To get the glowy effects from anything that is illuminated, go into options, graphics and then go to advanced, you will see an option labeled "Frame Buffer Effects" turn it on to add that glow. It will also add extra glow to lightsabers and blaster bolts.
  20. Hey guys, I know its been a while, but i just wanted to peak by and say hello. I've been working hard on this player ship interior, and I think i may have discovered a way to make a pseudo/mock light map, at least for surface illumination. Im not sure if you have already figured out a better way to do it, but I figured I would throw it out there. Here is what my test lightmap looks like: The colors don't quite match up, but that is easily fixed. Basically, all you have to do is create the image in photoshop and use the alpha to get the gradient. Then create a flat plane in 3dsMax and fit it to your surface and apply the texture. Turn it into an AuroraTrimesh via the modifier list, and then select the alpha to be whatever color you desire. The result is that the part of your texture that isn't transparent will be self illuminated. -Doc
  21. It was very nice yes. Got those excitement gears spinning again :)

  22. I've been doing very well. I have something fun planned pretty soon so keep your eyes open ;). How has life been for you?

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