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  1. naaaahh...I didn't like that either.. a longer story I want, yes.. EVERYBODY (who wants to) shall write in a non-ending story...thats what I think.. beside that the padawan didn't have any life....
  2. hmmmm....another ending that is not so short maybe?? please???
  3. to use doublebladed saber just type: *highlight* /THEDESTROYER - with capital letters...
  4. My favourite mod to use is the JediMod++ mod.. its real funs and so on..... but, its is too hard to find any servers that is on jedimod++... where too find any???...I used to be on a good server which was playing the map "jedicouncilgc" but it "went offline" yesterday or something... now am i trying to find servers but i cant find any good:mad: plz help me with IP and/or name
  5. A small puddle of brown liquid vs. GOD
  6. this story is moved from jediknightii.net..... Hi! My name is Crouth and I was living on a planet named Kiffex 2. One day when I was 4 years old a bold adventurer began talk to me and my parents. The Adventurer Said something about that the Force was strong in me, so he wanted to take me away and my parents thought it would be nice for me and I followed the adventurer to a large ship which looked like a transport ship but when I came inside the ship it was full of odd stuff like small ball things and lightsabers.... (Please continue the story...)
  7. I shall begin a story.......... :D
  8. Just to make u angry ppl happy so shall I move this thread......dont know where, dont know when.......
  9. plz....if ur so angry on this thread so say it somewhere else......
  10. I have read the book and all I can say is that it was the BEST book I ever has read......I want to see the movie but i cant 'couse we dont got any dvd or ws-tv...
  11. Why HATE school? its the most important thing you ever do in your life...Im not having good grades or so, but I dont hate school....that is stupid....
  12. aaahhh..thanks...I thought that he was a brother or something...
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