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  1. They need to make the Vader game have Kojima-like cutscenes. Oh, and to go along with that make the story good... don't let George Lucas get anywheer near the writers, and make it a bit more like a Jedi Knight/Half-Life 2 mix.
  2. If you can spare it, get a Radeon x800GTO from newegg.com
  3. Simple and quick: Gays deserve equal treatment. Except for those really ugly fat chicks. Also, I beleive christianity is an out-dated paganistic religion. Don't argue with me, it's true.
  4. Hello xbebop err...I mean Dragonball Fan! You have been warned and banned in the past about inappropriate comments on the boards. Too bad you didn't learn...bye! -D333
  5. Well, seeing as GL is basically doing the same thing with his sith names, I just thought it was appropriate.
  6. Unless they made the trials exciting. Like sending you out into the unknown regions to find Revan...
  7. Ani's mad becuase Padme forgot to take her birth control pills.
  8. If Star Wars ends up like Trek, i'm personally killing whomever is responsible.
  9. I want to have a bright red Star Destroyer called the Errant Venture, but that's just me.
  10. Yes, but LucasArts should have known that you can't get a new developer for a game and have them magically crap out a complete game within 14 months.
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