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  1. "Please spend few moments answering their online survey questionnaire and help LucasArts make better games!" http://www.theraider.net/newsarchives/games/2004_december.php That's the link to theRaider.net article which informed me of the survey.
  2. If i have the MOnkey Island 1 (Monkey Madness) CD, which game do i select in the list of games in Quick and Easy? There are 5; three of which are CDs.
  3. so i only need to d/l the first one on the list right? windows installer? And once the program is installed, i can immediately d/l the quick and easy? will scummvm or quick and easy show up on my add/remove programs list? How can i uninstall it? and the purpose of quick and easy is so that i don't have to type any command lines and such? Sorry for being so paranoid, but i'm paranoid.
  4. Amazingly, i got it to work just now by playing the patched .exe with windows 98 compatibility mode (i have xp). But there are a couple distracting things about this higher res. It seems the cutscenes were rendered at a lower res. and so they play in a small frame, with a big "screenshot" of the last scene before the cutscene started. Also, the 3D objects and characters don't fit the backgrounds anymore: Guybrush walks on air when he's standing on the "patio" of the SCUMM BAR, the manhole cover in lucre is. is floating above the hole, Doors have huge gaps beneath them. So all the objects are s
  5. *Sigh*. I was afraid that'd be the case. Well, thanks for your time. I guess I'll just tinker around a bit more.
  6. In the FAQ, it says: "You can find it on the download section on our homepage. You can download the latest version, which could be a little old. For the most recent cutting-edge in-development version, you have to compile it yourself from CVS or use the 'daily builds' linked from our download page." So this means, we need a sufficent amount of programing knowledge/experience? I've not heard of such things as "compiling" or "CVS", and i don't really get entering command lines. Do we need to know these things to correctly use SCUMMVM? Yeah, i know quick and easy is out there, but we have
  7. um, how exactly do i go about doing that? Oh, and off topic: Is it complicated and difficult to d/l the number of components, set up/compile, and use SCUMMVM, for someone that doesn't have any knowledge of programming? In the readme, i see all these "command lines" and prefixes and suffixes, etc. Will files be disbursed throughout the system if i screw up?
  8. I have the english version of EMI. It is patched. I have tried lower res. like 1280 x 1024. EMI works normally when using the original exe, both from the launcher and the original game launcher. First i installed EMI (complete), then i installed EMI Launcher, then I patched it by going to LucasArts.com and finding it myself. I am sure i choose the correct language for the patch (eng.). Will that help you help me? Thanks.
  9. So I've done the complete installation for EMI. I run the EMI Launcher and I change the resolution to 1600x1200, and the patch is initiated with no errors. I make sure that the "run original exe" is deselected. Then i click play full screen. The mouse goes busy, and it looks like the comp. is going to do something (and the screen flickers a bit) , then, nothing. Nothing happens; it's like i didn't click the play button in the first place. I'd really appreciate some help. Thanks.
  10. wow, you guys are surprisingly critical of remarks like this.
  11. Hi-Tone Fandango is the opening theme? *Listens to check* Sweet onion rings! I would never have guessed! They sound so different, yet have the same theme. This is what Lucasarts does best!
  12. Hey, you know the opening theme in the "Opening Credits" track? Which other tracks could that theme be found in?
  13. if they updated the graphics, they would have to go for MI4 graphics because 2D isn't going to sell much to new players. And if they updated the graphics, they would have to add voices to match the updated graphics. And if they added voices, they would have to redo the music to match the quality of the voices. And if they redid the music, they would need to finish redoing everything else and get it to sell, so i guess they won't do anything.
  14. Not having an account there and not wanting to make one.
  15. Does anybody else notice that there are not enough special weapons dispersed throughout the game? In the instructions booklet it even states that things like knock-out bombs and guy fawkes traitor bombs should appear occassionally after you kill a guy. But they never do. And things like shark ammo doesn't appear often enough either. I observed that the chances of the right ammo for the right gun appearing increases if you use the gun more often, but usually, death by shark just pops out with more of that everlasting supply of machinegun ammo. Is there a way/patch/crack (well, without using che
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