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  1. ok.. *goes off to start coding*... *comes back* how do you code? But seriously, even though i can't code for ****, it would have been much smarter to just use an engine like the quake 3 engine (how dated it is!) or the unreal engine even.. rather then the piece of crap they used to string together a below average game that we call obiwan, although the right analog stick lightsabreing was pretty cool.. Now though, JK2 is going to GCN and Xbox, so im happy, my good ol' GCN will be playin JK2, WOOHOO!
  2. i got most of my kills with yellow and red stance, and i got about 9 with blue stance.. where can i get this promod/jedimod..
  3. what are you trying to prove? yes id made doom, and the quake series, and wolfenstein, and commander keen, and someother crappy games that no one has ever heard of..
  4. yes but sometimes engines limit the gameplay, for example deus ex, which used the unreal engine, was very limited because not many people could be displayed on one map, making it a very boring game at times.. And i read in about 3 reviews that obi wan uses the jk1 engine..
  5. WTF?!?! BIGGER!!!???? i cant remember what my first av was but my latest is somewhere, just a second.. THERE WE GO
  6. it uses the spiderman engine before it, but its really really really souped up (i think thats right).. either that or it uses its own entirely different engine.. Minority Report is using the spiderman engine.. I played spiderman the movie on gcn, and the controls were dodgy ,so i didnt like it that much :/
  7. the reason the face is stretched is so it wraps around the model.. duh!
  8. episode one racer on 64 lasted me nothing, rogue leader is good but didnt last long because it is WAY to hard, sure some may say oh just play it, but this game seriously breaches the barrier of hardness (word?)
  9. no no, obi wan DOES use the Jedi Knight 1 engine (Dark Forces 2), and im not joking, thats why the graphics are complete crap.. and i think your right about the karma engine though.. but anyway.. they still use some aspect in eachother that has somethin to do with engines.. Remember the days where engines on consoles were completely different to engines on computers.. i mean the goldeneye engine never went to pc, neither did all the bonds, or most of the racing games.. those were the days..
  10. i never got to play the early versions, but i find 1.04 lots of fun, and an ease to play, not to complicated i mean. Everything seems well balanced, i dont see why you guys have a problem with it..
  11. both ut2k3 and doom3 use the karma engine..
  12. who said! hey let's use the jedi knight 1 engine for obi wan... that is sad.. Jedit Knight 1 was a alright engine in its day but now its complete crap, i dont have an xbox, or am i a fan of xbox, but to use the jk1 engine was just plain stupidity... Is it impossible for people other then the id team to make engines now adays... *sigh*
  13. i dont think this is in the right section.. im a n00b to jk2 multiplayer as well (doesnt mean im bad, just means im new to the game) where do these come from, im curious..
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