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  1. The greatest thing about these comics are the covers by James Jean. Amazing artwork.
  2. Sufjan Stevens - Illinois Devendra Banhart - Cripple Crow The Decemberists - Picaresque Belle & Sebastian - Push Barman To Open Old Wounds The Clientele - Strange Geometry Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah A lot of good albums.
  3. How many years is that again?
  4. well, "Anaking Skywalker on Mustafer" is, simpley, badass.
  5. I didnt force the picture onto anyone, its not img taged, therefore lose the 'tude Coupes.
  6. i dont want to whore up this guys bandwidth so http://afigures.com/b/E3.jpg copy and paste the guy center bottem with the sith-ish feel looks ****ing awesome.
  7. Because they prefer Linux joke stolen from here info in that link also.
  8. It doesnt matter where you pick up women, bar or internet, same chances of being ugly. I still laugh at people who use the internet though. no offense:amidala:
  9. its roll up the rim time. Which means alot of you will be rolling the rims up with your teeth, id just like to say: Don't ****ing roll it up with your mouth infront of me and be all HUUURRR i won a donut here you go DUR HURR seriously **** off with that nasty ****. thanks you and keep that in mind canadians.
  10. hold on guys pizzas here.
  11. anyone know if theres a mac demo?
  12. No WHEY ITS CHI3F:c3po: :atat:
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