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    16 years old. Lovely girlfriend. Good jedi knight player. Good at quake. Play soccer
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    look at bio
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    Student, highschool

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  1. coolness sounds good.. what country will it be in cos im a lagging whore but im interested.. and so are my clan members
  2. HEy all. long time no see. anyway down to the point .. us at PL here really really need a dedicated server for practise and the such. at the moment theres a Tournament running and we've only won 2/4 matches. hoping to get better we need to train any help would be appreciated.. or if there is anyone here in Australia who could share one with us? thanks
  3. alright i dont normally bag out games jsut cos of a patch. but its defenetly dying. and people are laming.. thats the purpose of my clan. to bring non-lamers to a gaming community they can join and have ****en FUN!!!!
  4. more realistic is the way to go i think one saber hit and your a gonner.. maybe if you get hit inthe arm you can still run around and ****. but if you get hit in the legs your a gonner. and stuff i dunno. more realistic all they had to do was get rid of the force pull bug and leave bs and they woulda been right.. cmon who does a bs. and DOESNT MOVE? its very lame. man if i had a saber and had 16 people up my ass with red stance. i wouldnt be backstabbing and standign there man id be runnin for muh life. i mean. your FREAKIGN JEDI your not `100 year old grandmother who cant move. cmon man. bring back the good **** from 1.03 WHY ARE THERE SO MANY EDITED 1.04 SERVERS TO MAKE THEM 1.03 huh? HUH? yeah. yuo dont call that dieing. people are going back to the old patch cos 1.04 is lame
  5. who reckons JKII is dying and it needs a new patch i think bringing out a new patch will return many players who left at the releae of 1.04 i want 1.05 to come out dammit!!!
  6. um dude. man i think JKII is dying it seriously needs a new patch i reckon who agrees?
  7. er...............no??? runs fine on my 1.2GHZ, 256mb ram, gf4...... **** i need to upgrade..
  8. yuck.........the downloads section hurts my eyes
  9. well you might like to check out the 'funny ****' section etc. and play the word game with us. lol. check it out
  10. im here. ... no i havent played teh DBZ mod. ive seen my mate play it tho.. why is it freaky without me posting??? lol i just find my own forums are a little more interesting than thse lucasforums that all. i gues i dont appreciate them much anymore. lol. school takes up most of my time too so does playing quake3 on nightmare mode. and playing ut2003. and stuff. heh... yeah catch all stalker
  11. how about............... most greative move sequence......... like for example. i got a good one which is dfa, upercut, yellow dfa
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