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  1. With my luck, It will be another MMO or be a online only battlefront game. Some people like playing Battlefront has single player. Too many video games going to online only. I like playing against the computer on hard mode.
  2. I can't stand the clone wars myself. I love the classic movies and the books that came out with luke, leia, han, etc. The Thrawn Trilogy was the best! Actually Shadows of the Empire ties for first place in my books! Prince Xizor, Dash Rendar, Guri, Kyle Katarn and Dark Troopers are the best EU material. If they make a battlefront III and use EU those should be included.
  3. The only way I would sign a petition for a new Star Wars Strategy game is if it came out on PS3 and offered single player missions playing against computer. I can't stand online games and I want a strategy game for PS3.
  4. I am disappointed at Lucasarts. They cater to the kids again by releasing more Lego Indiana Jones games and more Clone Wars video games based off animated series. Of course, I will be the naive one and talk myself into buying the PS3 version of Star Wars The Clone Wars Republic Heroes and Lego Indiana Jones II just because I am bored. The Ultimate Sith Edition of The Force Unleashed looks promising but only adds three new levels. Being able to fight Boba Fett, Jabba's Rancor and Gammeroan Guards plus Ben Kenobi, Luke Skywalker and Wampas should be entertaining for a week. I have no intention of buying Star Wars The Old Republic because it isn't coming out for PS3 and I hate online video games. I prefer single player video games playing against computer.
  5. Bring back Star Wars Battlefront for PS3. Brand new and focus on the #1 and #2 selling Star Wars games of all time. Star Wars Battlefront I and II were the top two star wars video games.
  6. I loved the game! I as hoping for some more original trilogy locations to show up like maybe Tatoonie, Hoth and/or Endor. Maybe Starkiller could have taken on a AT-AT Walker. That would be impressive. Maybe adding Bounty Hunters would of added something more. Having bounty hunters hunt you down has ordered by vader. That would be a real treat.
  7. I would not be surprised if Lucasarts canceled Star Wars Battlefront 3. They apparently want to put all the resources and marketing into this new online video game called Star Wars The Old Republic. Quit stupid to put that strategy into play! Star Wars Galaxies did not pan out. I have heard that online community is dying. What is Lucasarts going to do? Try and run two online star wars video games at the same time. I doubt that. Galaxies will need up going the way of the dodo. I know I personally refuse to buy any more video games until I get a good star wars that is single player and not an online only game. I can't stand online or multiplayer video games. I am old-fashion and love playing video games against computer. Computer AI is much more interesting to me.
  8. Too short but otherwise fulfilled my expections until a Battlefront III comes out on PS3.
  9. I loved The Force Unleashed game. The story, music, graphics andsound were great. The game was too short I agree. Maris Brood and Shak Ti are hot. Too bad Shak Ti died. She was my 2nd favorite jedi in theprequel. #1 would of been Aayla Secura. I wish they would just release Star Wars Battlefront III. I have been waiting for 4 years. These two Battlefront spin-offs on handheld were just plain terrible.
  10. Include all maps of Battlefront I and II except the 2 horrible Kashyyyk maps from Battlefront I. Change the graphics so they look better. Make them bigger with more soldiers on the field at one time would help. Include: Mos Espa Space battle over Death Star I Space Battle over Death Star II
  11. I never got Modding on Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds. I would say allowing modding in a Battlefront 3 would be no use to me. I definitely think keeping it simple to the 4 original armies, Confederacy, Republic, Empire, and Rebels is the way to go. The way to enahnce the game is adding enemies/allies from native people of that particular planet. Battlefront 1 and 2 were terrible on that issue. The computer allies/enemies were too stupid or really hard. Here is what they should put in the game: Gungans and Naboo soldiers-Naboo Tusken Raiders, Jawas-Dune Sea Jawas, various aliens species-Mos Eisley Jawas, various alien species-Mos Espa Gammeroan Guards, Weequay, other jabba guards, Jabba's Palace Wampas-Hoth Ugnaughts and cloud city guard- Bespin Ewoks-Endor Geonosians-Geonosis Kaminoians-kamino wookiees-Kashyyyk republic security,royal guards and senate guards-Courscant Feluciaians-Felucia I don't have any ideas for Dagobah, Mygeeto
  12. I wish they would quit rubbing the Star Wars Battlefront into the ground thus tarnishing iit by releasing sequels of Battlefront series on handheld video games systems. It hurts consumer confidence in the video gaming industry and it Lucasfilm. It is a quick way to milk consumers by jumping on the bandwagon slappng the Star Wars Battlefront name, which by the way was the 2 highest grossing star wars video games. The screenshots were terrible for this game. Letting Free Radical take everything when they went under was another bad idea by Lucasarts. Probably why Jim Ward got out before it went to the press.
  13. I know I am ticked off at Lucasarts the past several years. They had one great game, The Force Unleashed ever since Star Wars Battlefront II came out. I stand by my comments that Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2 on PS2 and Star Wars The Force Unleashed on PS3 were the best Lucasarts video games to date. I thought they quit the strategy of releasing a bunch of games per year because most were duds for example (Star Wars The Battle for Naboo, Star Super Bombard Racing, Star Wars Demolition, Star Wars Epiosde I Jedi Power Battles, Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace, Star Wars Force Commmander, and Star Wars Masters of Tera Kasi). I always thought all those were bad. Maybe it is out of frustration that I am complaining! I just don't get why Lucasarts does not like to release video games for PS3. Exceptions being The Force Unleashed, the Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones series. Lego is great for kiddies and families but I want a more adult game. Now they have The Clone Wars video game coming out this fall and it looks like a cartoon. When I play the Force Unleashed or any Battlefront game on console it makes me feel like I am in the star wars world standing along side them. I don't get that from Lego or Clone Wars video games that recently came out.
  14. I agree this new video game is terrible. I own a PS2, PS2, and PSP and have copies of Battlefront 1, 2 and Renegade Squadron. The screnshots look bad. I have been wiating 4 years for a PS3 Star Wars Battlefront game. I was a big fan of The Force Unleashed on PS3. Lucasarts is going back to their old self. Why bring out Monkey Island? They should of had a Star Wars Battlefront 3. I will not buy Star Wars The Old Republic or Lego Indiana Jones 2 or Indiana Jones and The Staff of Kings. Two out of three are not on PS3. Plus Old Repulic is an online only game. I do not have a dsl line.
  15. Who knows what Lucasarts has in store. They released a great PSP only game for the series. Shame the graphics were terrible and screen was so small. My hans never hurt so much trying to play games on a PSP.
  16. I prefer to keep it simple. Empire, Rebels, CIS, and Republic and just add natives to each planet to help or attack from wookiees, geonosians, gungans, kaminoians, ugnaughts, etc. Adding something like Jabbas goons on tattonie from barada, nitko, gran, rodian, trandoshan, etc.
  17. I really don't care how many classes there are or what types has long I get to play has the troopers like Imperial Scout Trooper, Imperial Royal Guard, Imperial Officer (Which they have never had in previous games), etc. I do not like the idea of random bounty hunters or jedi/sith. I prefer special classes for bounty hunters/jedi/sith and choose between heroes from the 5 films from Luke, Leia, Han, Palpatine, Chewie, Lando to Anakin, Mace, Yoda, Obi-wan, Boba Fett, Bossk, Ig-88, Dengar, Zuckuss, 4-Lom, Aurra Sing, Ventress, etc. That would be a cool game.
  18. I meant the vehicles and starships that were designed for the previous battlefront games that were not in the movies were terrible looking and did not look like star wars vehicles in my opnion. They look like vehicles of today in design. The whole Republic and Empire tanks is what tees me off especially replacing the AT-ST Walkers that were in Yavin 4 maps in Battlefront 1 with Tanks in Battlefront 2. At least the AT-XT and AT-PT Walkers from other EU material looked star wars style and design.
  19. Personally I think making the graphics more realistic in a PS3 and X-box 360 version like allowing a trooper to throw a thermal detonator at a tree and have it blow it in half and fall on top of someone. That would be cool. Have a detonator thrown in a body of water and it explodes water all over the place rendaring area soliders blind by the water temporary.
  20. The weapon used to fix vehicles looked wierd. I say get rid of it and have the troop that does the fixing just fix it without it. Just give the ability to everyone. PS2 had alot of choppy graphics that showed when their was an explosion or alot of activity in a particular area. Maybe add the ability to actually crawl underneath vehicles and set mines or grenades would be cool. Rambo style! LOL!
  21. I had no problems with Pandemic other than Battlefront II added to much new stuff that was not in the 6 movies. Those Republic and Empire Tanks were a stupid addition. Almost starting to look like a military/futuristic sci-fiction war game with those. Definitely ruined it. I was expecting AT-AT, AT-ST, Probots, Imperial Speeder Bikes, etc. for ground battles. PS2 graphics were about what I was expecting. I would think any new battlefront series game for PS3 would have superior graphics similar or better than The Force Unleashed.
  22. I personally want to see more maps where I can use AT-AT and AT-ST Walkers other than Hoth and Endor. I want to see those maps enlarged and updated with more detail. Maybe with terrain that is actually slick, muddy, swampy. Basically show the effects of weather and terrain on the soliders, vehicles, starships, etc. Nothing says funny like a stormtrooper slipping and falling down a steep slick hill or getting stuck in mud.
  23. More vehicles is the good idea. I was disappointed alot of vehicles were left out from the previous games. Playable millenium falcon, slave I and B-wings are example.
  24. The heroes are the cool part of Battlefront II. The Battlefront 1 and 2 was never 100% infantry based. That would mean it would solider vs solider and no vehicles, starships, etc. There are starships and vehicles in it. There are jawas, ewoks, wookiees, gungans, etc. This is Star Wars and having heroes in it are essential. Otherwise it would be a boring war game. I could not stand those. I got tired of Medal of Honor series. I would hate to have something like that. Having Jedi/Sith, bounty hunters is what makes it star wars. Otherwise, it is generic!
  25. No underwater battles in my opinion. Keep it land battles, air battles and space battles. Unless you talk about walking through swamps, lakes, rivers then that is cool.
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