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  1. My list of new items for expansion pack: Starships: Tie interceptor Tie Advanced Imperial Lamdba Class Shuttle A-wing B-wing Modified Republic Gunship Naboo N-1 Starfighter Slave I Flyable Millenium Falcon Vehicles: Moveable Jabba's Barge Dwarf Spider Droid MTT Flash Speeder AT-XT Walker AT-PT Walker Troopers: Imperial Officer Imperial Navy Trooper Bothan Spy Droids: Imperial Probe Droid R2-D2 C-3PO Creatures: Wampa Kyrat Dragon Eopie Rideable Dewbacks Rontos Banthas Scurriers New Maps: Dantoonie Ord Mantell Kessel Sullust Alderran Courscant Dagobah Corellia Mon Calamari Rodia Instant Action Heroes: Darth Maul Obi-wan Kenobi Yoda Palpatine Boba Fett Jango Fett Han Solo Chewbacca Add Bounty Hunters to each side: Bossk Greedo IG-88 Aurra Sing Dengar 4-LOM Zuckuss Zam Wessel
  2. I am still hoping for a download or a patch that will add new planet maps and more vehicles, weapons, and hopefully new trooper types so they can include bothan spys and imperial officers. Always hope!
  3. The air space in all the maps if terrible. The maps need to be larger than they are.
  4. I think that all the aircraft are pretty good except the messed up looking MAF. Can't stand that!
  5. I only saw the AAT near the skiff CP when you play has CIS on Mos Eisley.
  6. I was disappointed that the MTT and Dwarf Spider Droids were left out. Would of been cool to play those!
  7. Luke's Landspeeder from episode IV technically would of been a good one especially if they modified it with a weapon. I still think rideable dewbacks on Tatoonie would of been a cool thing just like Tauntauns on Hoth or the Kaadu's on Naboo.
  8. I have never seen any Count Dooku's Ship in any map and I have the PS2 version.
  9. The kamino map should of included jedi starfighter and trade federation droid controlled ship plus it should of been larger to fly the ships. But I still like the map!
  10. That stinks! I couldn't find it either. I assume they took it out. That would of been a cooler game to have the MTT in it not to mention the flash speeder, naboo starfighter, and dwarf spider droid. Maybe patches will add them later! Probably not though!
  11. Destroyer Droids are the worse! LOL! I tried to kill them so many ways but it takes 3-5 shots to kill a destroyer droid with the primary weapon of jet pack trooper or 3-4 shots with primary weapon of rocket launcher trooper on Republic side. They are so to reload and can't run fast enough if you are out in the open and no place to hide from the destroyer droids.
  12. That stinks for the people who have PS2 version and no broadband connection and/or internet adaptor to get a patch online. I don't even play online because of those reasons. I wanted to be able to adjust the ticket count to lengthen and shorten the battles. Just a shame for the single player offline people!
  13. If you have the PS2 version, which buttons do you push to call the oribal strike?
  14. I am surprised that they didn't include dwarf spider droids, trade federation fighters, and geonosian fighters in the geonosis single player historical campaign maps.
  15. Is it just me or is the AI Confederacy stronger against the Republic when you play single player offline Galactic Conquest mode? I always end up winning one of two maps for each planet but can never win the bonus because the computer wins the other map. But when I play has Confederacy I can win every time. Seems the gun turrents and Republic Rocket Launcher Troopers are weak against AAT's and Spider Droids if you are fighting by yourself with no computer help.
  16. Well, I got my revised list of fall games! Shorterlist! Just buying Star Wars Battlefront for PS2. That should hold me over till the next PS2 Star Wars game comes out in April, 2005. I heard the Star Wars Lego game is coming out in April, 2005 with Star Wars Episode III video game coming out two weeks before the theatrical release of ROTS. Plus, I plan on going to Star Wars Celebration III in Indianapolis, IN. Hopefully I will have a new PC by then to be able to play the next star wars PC RTS game.
  17. I feel the game was rushed to meet the september 21, 2004 deadline. In my opinion, alot of things could of being added content wise to make the game harder. The AI help in single player stinks! I have to do all the work in the game. I missed alot of units from the movies that should of been there like wampas, kryat dragons, bespin security guards, naboo security guards, kaminoians, dwarf spider droids, flash speeder, naboo star fighter, tie interceptor, a-wing, playable slave I and millenium Falcon, and other native citizens & wildlife. I would of liked Courscant has a planet instead of Rhen Var. I can think of a couple of planets I would like to add has maps like Alderran, Dagobah, Mon Calamari, Dantoonie, Ord Mantell, Sullust, Kessel, Corellia, Rodia, etc. Instead of putting in an Tank for the empire it should of being an AT-PT Walker and the Republic Tank for the Republic should of been the AT-XT Walker. Makes more sense!
  18. The streaming and detail on the video were terrible so but it looks cool! I think that will be cool map!
  19. Darktrooper would of been cool if the primary weapon was not a shotgun style weapon.
  20. I just using the repeating weapon. I am not even sure what the name of the weapon is. All I know if I change the primary weapon. Seems like it is a standard blaster pistol but I am not sure. Probably have to look at the official website to see what weapon he has other than shotgun and thermal detonators.
  21. I hope they put more detail into the plants and trees in the full version! The demo was not lacking some detail. I hope we can destroy trees in the full version and make them fall on an enemy infantry or vehicle. That would be funny!
  22. I will play on Tatoonie with the empire as a Storm Trooper or the Storm Trooper with Rocket Launcher.
  23. Are there any vehicles shown in any of the single player games that aren't listed in the star wars battlefront official site besides MTT, MAF, and Empire Tank?
  24. I dislike the darktroopers primary weapon of the shotgun. I usually change my weapon to the blaster and use that in combination with thermal detonators.
  25. I love the fambaa's with shield generator's in that video. Maybe there is a chance we can see some naboo secuirty forces with gian speeders and flash speeders fighting the trade federation in a second naboo map! A small chance that we will see dwarf spider droids in one of the geonosis maps. I hope!
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