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  1. I personally like to see all the EU characters or as many of them that will fit on a 2 CD expansion pack. I also think the characters from the 5 movies should all be added if it is possible. What do you guys think?
  2. I think this is important topic to be addressed in a sequel or expansion pack. It is fun to have 250 units but it gets boring to have a small army of only 250. I say it should be increased. I think it wouldn't hurt if increased it to 400 units per civilation. Especially if they go to 3-d engine. It should be able to support a population of 400 each with a 3-d card.
  3. I think this game lacks realism and completeness. It needs other units from the star wars universe to be complete. You can balance the civilations by adding additional units or upgrades. Increase the RAM requirement would help. The population of each civilation needs to be increased. The addition of capital ships such as star destroyers, super star destroyers, mon calamari cruisers, corellia corvettes, v-wings, snowtroopers, scout troopers with speeder bikes, imperial officers and guards, imperial interrgator droids, rebel hoth troops, rebel endor troops, etc.
  4. You could take all the ships, aircraft, vehicles from scenario editor that are toy box units and add them to there appriopate civilations. Add capital ships to each civilations airbase or create a second type of airbase used to make bigger ships. Increase the population to at least 350 or 400 units. Then you could add your favorite species and charcters from the 5 movies and the expanded universe. Like admiral thrawn, Prince Xizor, and any character from shadows of the empire or thrawn trilogy books. That would be cool if they could add a few more buildings to each civilation. Maybe a 2nd trooper center that specializes in creating civilation specfic troops such as: Empire- Snowtroopers Imperial Officers and Guards Interrgator Droid Scout Troopers and their bikes Rebels Rebel Hoth troopers Rebel Endor Troopers Maybe have republic and naboo have the ability to make artoo units. Make the capital ships very powerful in terms of shielding, armor, durarmor, and multiple weapons and the ability to transport units (say 25-50 units per ship) I would like to see space battle option or space battle mode. Also I would like to add additional buildings for the star wars planets like tatonnie, geonosis, and add alderran, kamino, corellia, cloud city, and bespin to the star wars locale feature.
  5. Jedi MAster has a good idea. Alot of units had more guns on them but only shot one or two shots at one time e.g. AT-AT and AT-ST. The same should be taken into consideration when adding capital ships to the game. They should add Kyle KAtarn, Admiral Thrawn, and Prince Xizor to the scenario editor. They should add all the main characters from Shadows of the Empire book and Thrawn Trilogy to the toy box unit section. Add good lots of cheats that are actually realistic. Not whimpy corvettes and star destroyers that get blow up easy. An anti-air turrent and/or fortress could destroy it with two shots. Fighters and anti-air troopers can destroy it with 5-6 shots. That never happened in the movies. I don't see X-wings shooting 5 times at a star destroyer and blowing it up. Add B-wing to rebel airbase for sure. Add V-wing from Rogue Squadron video game to toy box unit section.
  6. They has been positive feedback from this game. Dark Forces had a sequel followed by expansion pack. eg. Dark Forces, Jedi Knight:Dark Forces II, then expansion Mysterious of the Sith. Why wouldn't they had an expansion or update since the game is not complete. It is not even close to having all the units from all 5 movies in it. That is sad. I will be deeply disappointed if the lucasarts company does not make an expansion pack.
  7. I think each civilation should have the ability to make other kinds of droids and the have droid upgrades. Increase civilation population from 250 units to 500 units Increase # of civilations- Add Mon Calamari, Hutt, Rodian Add Cloud City, Bespin, Kamino, Coursant, Correllia, Alderran to Star Wars Locale Increase shields, attack, armor and duraamor on AT-ST's and AT-AT's. Get rid of Air Cruisers and replace them with a bunch of capital ships. Give Naboo and Republic the ability to make ARTOO Units. Increase carrying capacity of sith temple to 20 Increase carrying capacity of command center and fortress to 25 units Increase Preface Shelter carrying capacity to 15 units and increase armor and shields. Increase AT-AT carrying capacity to 25 units Increase AT-ST carrying capacity to 5 units When adding capital ships to the game, make them have a carrying capacity of 25-50 units Make Empire Airbase different by making tie fighters, Tie Bombers, Tie Interceptors, Tie Defenders, Tie Advance, Imperial Lander, Imperial Lamda Class Shuttle at the same time. Add B-wing, V-wing and Millenium Falcon to the Rebel Airbase Add Trade Federation Battleship to Federation Airbase and Republic Assualt Ship to Republic Airbase. Hopefully there will be sequel or expansion pack!
  8. I play it all the time. The reason why I talk about a possibly sequel or expansion pack is several reasons: 1. They haven't add all of the star wars characters 2. I am giving suggestions and ideas in hopes that lucasarts or a representive is actually reading some of threads and get feedback. 3. There are things I am disappointted in the game. The total population being only 250 units. needs to be 500 units 4. Bad cheats for the 3 big ships. They are not to scale and they are easy to kill with anti-air and fighters with exception of the death star. They need to add lots of shields and armor and change the weapons to 4-5 powerful lasers instead of using air cruiser attack. I disliked the air cruiser. That wasn't even in the movies, novels or comics. 5. Lack of snowtroopers, rebel hoth troopers, imperial interrgator droids, actual scout troopers on speeder bikes (ROTJ), rebel endor troopers, imperial officers and guards as toy box units 6. AT-AT is easy to defeat, needs more shields and armor. 7. No capital ships available to build or even use as toy box units. There is only the three cheats for the 3 big ships. Need to include mon calamari cruiser, esort frigate, corellian corvette, Star destroyer imperial class I and II, Super Star Destroyer, Death Star I and II, Trade Federation Battleships, Rebel Assualt Ship, Royal Yacht, Royal Cruiser, and Queen's ship. Not the crappy ones that are landed in the scenario editor. Add Tie Advanced and Imperial lamda class shuttle to airbase. For goodness sake, Add B-wing and V-wing to rebel airbase maybe millenium falcon. 8. Make Capital ships to scale and have powerful shields and armor and difficult to kill. 9. Add Admiral and Captain Piett, General NAdine, General Riekkan, Admiral Ackbar, Mon montha, Moff Tarkin, Moff Jerrod(ROTJ), Admiral Ozzel, Admiral Thrawn, Prince Xizor as Toy Box Units. Most important change: In empire airbase, change the airbase so you can make Tie fighters, Tie interceptor, Tie defender, Tie advanced, Tie Bomber, Imperial Lander, and Imperial lamda class shuttle at the same time. I mean come on, The movies had interceptor, advanced, bombers and fighters build at the same time. They just don't make one kind at a time.
  9. I already download the patch for galactic battlegrounds and clone campaigns. What type of things do video game companies usually add to patches? Do they actually add new units or characters? I hope they do. They aren't any plans for a sequel or expansion pack and i am impatient. I assume if they have one it won't be released until Nov.-Dec. 2004.
  10. I agree get rid of air cruisers. Why make new units when they didn't use all the units from the star wars universe first. They should add a space battle option or space battle mode so you can make fleets of capital ships, fighters, and bombers. If they do that, Don't leave out any of the ships. I can't stress enough. This game needs more capital ships and aircraft added. I know rebellion game was released a few years ago but it was time consuming and out of date. I think it would be cool to have ground, air, sea, and space battles in next sequel or expansion pack. I mean actual fleets of ships duking it out to see who wins. If they add capital ships make sure they don't use air cruiser attack. Make them shoot 4-5 shots at a time.
  11. Thanks for replying! I am just trying to express my ideas on how to complete the galactic battlegrounds experience by having all of the star wars species, troopers, droids, vehicles, ships, aircraft, capital ships, and main and semi-main charcters into the game so people can at least make scenarios from them as toy box units. I know most of those won't be added into buildings to make on the single player modes, but it is worth a shot. Maybe a Lucasarts representative is reading a few of these threads and posts and getting ideas. I have always been a fan of the capital ships and I loved the space scenes in the original trilogy. That is why I concentrate on rebels and empire. I figure why not add all the units and characters from the 5 movies first before you add the expanded universe units. That way it is more realistic and you can make scenarios for each of the star wars movie. I was disappointed charcters such as Admiral Piett(ROTJ) and Captain Piett(ESB), Admiral Ozzel, General Nadine, Captain Needa, Admiral Ackbar, Mon motha, Wedge by himself weren't added also. I am a huge fan of fleet battles with capital ships, fighters and bombers. Rebellion is just too old and I can't find it in stores any more. This is suppose to be a strategy game using air, ground and sea battles. They should add a space battle option or space battle mode. Space battles can be strategy games too.
  12. I prefer 2-D because if they go to 3-d my video card might be outdated for that. I love strategy games. I first got hooked on command and conquer and now i am stuck on galactic battlegrounds. All I care about in a sequel or expansion pack is the addition of all the capital ships or big ships and increase in civilation population to 500 units. I would also like to see the Tie defender, Tie interceptor and Tie Fighter in the empire airbase at the same time. I am tired of making tie defenders after i upgrade to them. I can't go back and make tie interceptors or tie fighters. I want to make Tie advanced and imperial lamda shuttles at the airbase too. Imperial lamda shuttles are not the same as Imperial Landers. Some people think they are. I would like to see B-wings, V-wings and Millenium Falcon added to the rebel airbase.
  13. What I meant by whimpy is they had less resources and were always hiding in remote places? There bases weren't big! They were scattered throughout the galaxy. The empire has resources all over the place. Big bases and ships! They were a dictatorship with lots of power. they used fear eg super star destroyers and death stars to scare the rebels and other civilations. I want to see all the rebel ships and empire ships. Add all the main and semi-main characters as toy box units from all 5 movies and some of the EU charcters: Wedge Biggs Admiral Ackbar General Nadine Captain Needa Mon Momtha Admiral thrawn General Rieekan Admiral Ozzel Old and Young Owen Lars and Aunt Beru The two dancing girls from Jabba's palace Snowtroopers (To make Hoth Scenarios) Rebel Hoth Troopers (To make Hoth Scenarios) Endor REbel Troopers (To Make Endor Scenarios) Imperial Interrgator Droids to make death star scenarios Add Han and Luke wearing stormtrooper outfits Add Wedge in X-wingf Add Luke on a Tautaunn Add Luke's outfit from Dagobah Add Luke with his tatoonie outfit from Episode IV Add Leia in her Jabba slave suit and her in her endor suit Add Leia in her Episode V suit. Add new planets to Star Wars Locales in single player mode like Coursant, Kamino, Bespin, Cloud City, Corellia, Alderaan. Increase population to 500 units per civilation for sure and maybe up to 1000 units. Increase shields, armor, duraarmor and attack on AT-AT and make it more resistant to Air attack and ground attack Increase armor and shields on all bombers and fighters so anti-air and fighters have a hard time killing each unit. When they add capital ships, make sure they don't use air cruiser attack as there weapon. Make them fire 4 or 5 lasers and make them hard to destroy with good armor and shields.
  14. Thanks for the reply! I knew that was the answer but i just didn't want to believe it. Maybe they will add some more to the airbases in a sequel or expansion pack. I hope so! I loved b-wings, v-wings, millenium falcon, star destroyers, super star destroyers, mon calamari cruisers, escort frigates and corellian corvettes. I don't like the ships they have now as cheats. They are too small and too easy to kill with fighters.
  15. What do you guys think of capital ships in an expansion pack for this game or galactic Battlegrounds 2? Either Toy box units in scenario editor or added to airbases? I prefer adding to the airbases. I would like to see them all in there. Such as: Empire: Super Star Destroyers(Airbase or Toy box unit) Star Destroyer Imperial Class I (Airbase or Toy box unit) Star Destroyer imperial Class II (Airbase or Toy box unit) Imperial Lamda Class Shuttles(Airbase) Tie Advanced Fighter (Airbase) Upgrade Airbase to allow the player to make Tie Fighters, Tie Interceptor, Tie Defender, Tie Bomber, and Imperial Lander at the same time without the upgrades. NO MORE CRAPPY IMPERAIAL STAR DESTROYERS, DEATH STAR OR CORELLIAN CORVETTES AS CHEATS! JUST ADD THEM AS TOY BOX UNITS OR TO AIRBASES AND MAKE THEM MORE RESISTANT TO FIGHTERS AND ANTI-AIRCRAFT! Rebels- B-wings (Airbase) V-wings (Airbase) Millenium Falcon(Airbase) Corellian Corvette (Airbase or Toy Box Unit) Mon Calamari Star Cruiser (Airbase or Toy Box Unit) Escort Frigate;e.g.Medical Frigate (Airbase or Toy Box Unit) Others: Trade Federation Battleship (Airbase or Toy Box Unit) Republic Assualt Ship (Airbase or Toy box unit) BEFORE YOU ASK IT IS IN THE SCENARIO EDITOR BUT IT DOESN'T SHOOT OR FLY! Queen's Ship (Airbase) Royal Yacht (Airbase) Royal Cruiser (Airbase) Count dooku's ship (Airbase) What do you guys think? I just don't like using some of those ships in the sceanrio editor. I prefer single player games.
  16. The Empire had better troops, mechs, weapons, ships in the movies. Why not make them the same way in next update or expansion pack. Rebels were whimpy. Did they have weapons or ships that were more powerful than empire. Heck no! I am tired of using the 3 cheat ships because they are unrealistic. The star destroyer and blackade runner are powerful yes, but they shoot one shot and reload time is too long. They just took the air cruiser idea of all 6 of the civilazations and just slapped a picture of the two ships. There armor and shields stink too. I mean it only takes a few shots from a x-wing, a-wing or airspeeder to destroy it. That didn't happen in the movies. The death star had the correct armor and shields and attack but was not to scale. At least make it bigger than that. Or put it as a toy box unit.
  17. I like the X-wings, Y-wings, A-wings and airspeeder. But I wish they had added themon calamari cruiser, escort frigates, corellian corvettes, b-wing, v-wing, millenium falcon to the airbase. I really wanted to see the snowtroopers from hoth added as toy box units. I also wanted to see rebel hoth troopers, rebel endor troopers, speeder bike scouts from Return of the Jedi and imperial interrogator droids from star wars. I also would of like to seen republic assualt ship added to republic airbase trade federation battleship to it's airbase. Star destroyer Imperial class I and II, super star destroyers, death star I and II and lamda class shuttle to empire airbases. Add captain and admiral piett, general nadine, general rieekan, admiral ackbar, mon momtha, admiral ozzel, captain needa. Oh and add imperial royal guards to empire sith temple. increase shields, attack, armor, duraarmor on At-At's and increase population from 250 to 500 units. Increase carrying capacity of At-At, ship transports, air transports to 25 units. Have capital ships carrying capacity 25-50 units. I hope lucasarts makes these changes in the next official update or patch or expansion pack.
  18. I meant the imperial interrgator droid (Star Wars Episode IV) and those speeder bikes on the empire side are storm troopers on bikes. I want to build the imperial scout troopers from Episode VI on speeder bikes or at least as a trooper kind. Maybe add them as toy box units. I want to see all the capital and big ships from Episodes I, II, IV, V, and VI to each side. I prefer them added to the airbase but if they just put them as toy box units i would not complain. I don't like the star destroyer, death star and corvette using those awful cheats. They are under scale and shoot stupid unrealistic weapons. The ships don't shoot one large weapon. The star destroyer blows up when the rebel fighters hit it with 5-6 shots. I mean where is all the armor and shields at. At least the shields and armor are apprioate for the death star cheat.
  19. Toy box units: Admiral Piett, Captain Piett, Old Owen Lars and Aunt Beru, Young Owen lars and Beru, General Nadine, Admiral Ackbar, Monmotha, Admiral Ozzel, Grand Moff Tarkin, and Moff Jerrod(Death Star II). Empire-Imperial Probe droids, speeder bike scouts, snowtroopers from hoth, imperial officers and guards, Star destroyer imperial class I and II, super star destroyer, and death star I and II. Rebel- Rebel Hoth troopers and Rebel endor Troopers, Mon Calamari cruisers, corellian corvettes, millenium falcon, escort frigate like medical frigate Federation- droid controlled ship and battleships Naboo- Queen's ship, Royal Bomber, Royal Cruiser, Royal Yacht Wookies-non Confederacy-none Republic-Republic Assualt ships Add increased shields, armor and duraamor to AT-AT's, increase population to 500 units.
  20. Empire- snowtroopers(battle of hoth) added to troop center, imperial officers and guards added to troop center; imperial probe droid added to command center; Add Royal Guards to Sith Temple; Tie advanced, imperial shuttle (lamda class), Imperial Star Destroyer Class I and II, Death Star, and Super Star Destroyer added to the airbase then I would change the empire airbase to allow you to make tie fighter, tie interceptor, tie defender at the same time without losing the ability to make tie fighters once you upgrade. Add Captain Piett and Admiral Piett, Admiral Ozzel, Moff Tarkin, Moff Jerrrod (In charge of Death Star II) to toy box units. Increase shields, armor, duraarmor on AT-AT. Rebels-add rebel hoth troopers and rebel endor troopers to troop center; Add b-wings, v-wings, millenium falcon, corelllian corvette, mon calamari star cruisers, escort frigates to airbase; add Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, Admiral Ackbar, General Nadine, Mon Momtha, Wedge, and Biggs as toy box units Trade Federation- Add Droid controlled ships Trade federation battleships to airbase. Add Repeater upgrade for troopers. Naboo- Add Queen's ship, Royal Yacht and Royal Bomber and Royal Cruiser(Episode II); Add Repeater Upgrade for Naboo troopers Wookies: None! Confederacy: Add Count Dooku's ship to airbase. Republic: Add Republic assualt ship to airbase. Add Young Owen Lars and Beru as toy box units. Increase the civilation population from 250 units to 500 units. This is what I think should be upgraded or added. I have more ideas too.
  21. I bet they did it to increase sales. They just announced it is coming out with clone campaigns for MAC. That might increase interest in the game. I love the game personally and hope for a 2nd pack as soon as possible. I was disappointed at the lack of ships in the galactic battlegrounds and it's expansion pack. Where are the b-wings, v-wings, capital ships like super star destroyer? If they can put star destroyer, death star and blockade runner as a cheat why not as a regular at airbases and include the rest of the ships from the 5 movies?
  22. For example, I know you can pick millenium falcon, lamda class shuttle and b-wings in the scenrio editor but that is it. Is there a way to make those ships or others in the single player mode? I really hated that only seeing X-wings, Y-wings, A-wings and air speeders. I am just a big fan of b-wings and star wars ships.
  23. Add those to a 2nd pack to be complete. Keep 6 civ. and increase population from 250 to 500 units or whatever they can increase it too. The more the merrier. Add Capital Ships Trade Federation Droid Control Ship and Battleship, Royal Cruiser, Royal Yacht, Royal Bomber, Queen's Ship, Imperial Star Destroyer Class I and also class II, Super Star Destroyer, Death Star I and Death Star II, Imperial Shuttle (Lamda Class) to appriopate airbases. Increase all air transport carrying capacity to 25 units. Allow the capital ships to carry 25-50 units. Increase boat transports carrying capacity to 25 units and AT-AT walkers to 25 units. Increase Armor on AT-AT and increase shields. Add Mon Calamari cruiser, escort frigate, corellion corvette or blockade runners, b-wings, v-wings, falcon, and snowspeeders to rebel airbase. Add Republic Assualt Ship to Republic airbase. Add Admiral Ackbar, Mon Monmotha, Tarkin, General Nadine, General Riekkan, Admiral Ozzel, Admiral Piett and Captain Piett to the game. Add snowtroopers, imperial probe droids, and scout troopers or speeder bikes as special units for empire. Add Imperial guards and officers that are in charge of the troops. Add Rebel Hoth soldiers and Rebel Endor Troopers to troop center in Rebels. As a Space Battle option where you make fleets and duke it out. Maybe if they had enough memory and advancements to putt each of the important units into the single player option so you can make them like vadar. I don't like using the scenario editor often. To time consuming and i just want to start playing when i put my cd in. :fett:
  24. Here are my ideas and I hope Lucasarts is reading this to get ideas: Increase population from 250 units to 500 units or something more than 250 units. Make all the fighters and bombers resistant to anti-air missles. Add extra armor and duraarmor, shields to the captial ships of each civilation. Make the capital ships fire correct weapons. Blockade runners and star destroyers don't fire one huge blast. they have multiple weapons. Make the capital ships more to scale. Add a space battle option using only airbases and command centers with unlimited resources. Rebels: Add B-wing, V-wing, Mon Calamari Cruiser, Escort Frigates, Corellion Corvettes, and any rebel ship used in the movies or EU to the airbase. Add Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, C-3p0, ARtoo, Lando, Lobot, Mon Monmotha, Admiral Ackbar, General Nadine, Wedge to Command center. Empire: Add Star Destroyers, Super Star Destroyers, Death Star, Tie advanced and lamda class shuttle to empire airbase. Then upgrade base to allow the player to make tie fighters, tie advanced, tie interceptors, tie defenders, and tie bombers at the same time. I hate losing the ability to create tie fighters once i upgrade. Add snowtroopers, scout troopers that can get on and off speeder bikes, imperial probe droids, and death star guards to trooper center. Add Darth Vadar and Palatine, Imperial guards, Veers, Admiral Piett, Admiral Ozzel, Moff Tarkin and Moff Jerrojd as units to build at command center. Federation: Add Trade Federation Droid Control Ships and Battleships to airbase. Add Nute gunray and other federation head guys to command center. Naboo: Add Queen's ship, NAboo Cruiser, Naboo Bomber, and Royal Yacht to airbase. Add Queen, Panaka, Sio Bibblo to command center units. Wookie: Add Chewie to command center Confedracy: Add Count Dooku, Darth Sidious and other head guys to command center. Republic: Add Republic Assualt Ship to airbase. Add all the famous jedi like Mace, Anakin, Yoda, Obi-wan, etc. plus senate guards and palatine's guards. I hope they can do most of these things in next update or expansion pack. I will pray for another ex. pack. I at least want to see all the capital ships added. :fett:
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