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  1. I notice the MTT and Hailfire Droid are missing also. I guess Imperial Shuttle, Flash Speeder, Dwarf Spider Droid, Luke's Landspeeder, and Slave I aren't going to be in the game either. That is a shame!
  2. I hope that awful looking empire tank that looks like the republic tank isn't going to be in it. I notice the information for the republic tank is exactly the same as the AT-ST Walker. Big mess up! Hopefully we will get some surprise vehicles that haven't been released to the gaming sites yet!
  3. Shame Dagobah couldn't fit in the historical campaign section somehow! Oh well!
  4. I notice the changes to the website. The At-ST Pilot and AT-AT Pilot are still in the game I assume even though it shows a Tie Fighter pilot on the official site. I am still hoping for a surprise or two maybe a imperial officer or probe droid on a map. Maybe they will keep things secret until the release date so you have to buy the game to see it.
  5. I was wondering where the destroyer droids were myself. They were shown battling gungans in The Phantom menance. I would think since it is confirmed they are in the game that they be in naboo maps. I loved seeing Fambaas with shield generators. Hope the dwarf spider droid and the large republic cannon (Forget name, it was in Attack of the Clones) shows up in battle of genosis. At least as a computer controlled one or something.
  6. Darktroopers are extremely weak if you try to kill someone from long-distance. The reload of the weapon is slow. Yes, the jet pack makes you travel across the map faster. If you get into a group of rebels like 5-6 or more your in trouble because of the slow reload.
  7. My thing about the sarlacc pit is going to be whether it it realistic kills a person. No of this touch you with one tentacle and you die stuff. I want to see a grab and pull into the pit.
  8. I already got my demo on PS2. So I am not getting the PC demo! Any ways! I have a copy of Battlefront on PS2 reserve at Best Buy.
  9. I have officially beaten the computer on the PS2 demo at least 5 imes each on easy, medium and hard levels. Probably beat the computer 40-45% of the time.
  10. I notice the darktrooper is up and a new gameplay video in the general gameplay area. Plus some screensavers, icons, and PC demo coming soon! Shame we couldn't have more screenshots and all the ground vehicles in the vehicles section.
  11. I think the quality of game does go down because then Battlefront becomes similar to other games. To just have trees, plants, sand, snow, or whatever and no life running around makes it look like a barren souless map. But to add attack wildlife like rancors, kryat dragons, wampas, etc. adds not only more realism and more star wars to the game but it makes you feel like you were there. It is like in the mos eisley map! you walk around in the buildings and in the streets and see no people, no animals, no nothing! It is like where the star wars universe go!
  12. Anyone have problems with their demo like having having the game freeze after continuous playing of the demo or when I get killed and I restart I just a yellow line where my player is suppose to be. Must be a poor demo disc! or I guess it is scratch on the disc. I don't know!
  13. The lucasarts web people are slow. I don't understand why they would wait till the last minute to put information that most othe gaming sites have up weeks in advance. It is a shame! I bet friday's update will be for Mercenaries, Republic Commando, Knights of the Old Republic II, or Jump to Lightspeed. Yet what is the next game to come out, Battlefront on Sept. 21. Doesn't make any sense!
  14. man, the screenshots aren't popping up my screen. Oh well! Seen plenty of them already!
  15. I hope not! That was a terrible photo! The AT-XT Walker from The Clone Wars video looked great compared to that. Or the precedessor to the AT-ST Walker in the Clone Campaigns expansion pack of Galactic Battlegrounds was another better example.
  16. I also found they games shorter in time limit. An average game lasted 7 minutes for me before I was beaten or I won. I would of liked more tickets than just 100. We should have a choice in the number of tickets we get in the beginning like 50-500 in increments of 50 tickets. That way we can chose a short or long match.
  17. Shoot! I have only won three times and I played it 10 times. That was on the easy level. Still need time to master it.
  18. I just played the PS2 demo. Good detail and graphics! Sound was good also. My only technical problem was human player movement. All troopers were slower than I would like. Seems like when I moved to the side it strafed too much to my likely. I couldn't figure out how to use the jet pack on the darktrooper.
  19. I hope they update the official site with the correct Imperial units soon! I get the impression the imperial weapons list is smaller than some of the others. Looks like they are missing something but I can't figure out what.
  20. When Lucasarts publish that interview on their website that is official and Lucasarts is charge of the game. I would think any member who works for them in an official statement should wisely choose his words. He gave false hope to all those people out there who wanted to renact the classic star wars movie battles on PS2, etc. when he said that remark. He should of been more specific. I spent the work year since Jan. thinking I could play has any trooper, vehicle, starship from the 5 movies because of that remark! Then they give out at least 2 official screenshots back in april or may of imperial officers on endor. Plus, if you look at a previous star wars game (The Clone Wars) made by pandemic they included the dwarf spider droid in the game. They also had many vehicles and starships. I remember counting at least 30 vehicles in the game but many were NPC's. Still they were in the game!
  21. I disliked the Dark Trooper phase I and II version in Galactic Battlegrounds and it's Clone Campaigns expansion pack. Never played the two dark forces games all the through. I am just a old school star wars purist! Stormtroopers, Stormtroopers and more! That also means I like all the movie empire units like the Imperial Navy Guard, Scout Trooper, Imperial Officer, Tie Fighter Pilot, Royal Guard, and Death Star Trooper/Gunner. Then there is the other reason why I wanted this game to be close to the movies as possible without too much eu. That reason is when I read an lucasarts press release saying that once Battlefront, Republic Commando, Star wars Lego Game, and Revenge of the Sith video games come out it will be the last time they make any video game based during either prequel trilogy or original trilogy. So basically PS2 players would just get one original trilogy game for PS2.
  22. Nothing is wrong with me! Once information has been confirmed for anything whether it be a video game or whatever I go to critic phase. Since the site that produced the information on the air vehicles and ground vehicles only mentioned certain ones. I am voicing my dislike for the ones left out and trying to valid points as to why they should be. Just like a movie critic in the movie industry!
  23. I think having lots of NPC's in a game like this is good especially for the people like me who wanted a original trilogy period game for PS2. All the games to date for PS2 are prequel trilogy period and had lots of npc's in the game! Including Clone Wars, Bounty Hunter, Jedi Starfighter, and Starfighter. my definition is any non-playable character, vehicle, creature, or starship. I didn't have any glitches in any of those star wars games.
  24. The Darktrooper would of been fine in a EU map like Rhen Var for the EU people! Hoth, Bespin, Endor and even Tatoonie should of had Imperial Officers. But then again I am still about not having Imperial Probe Droids floating around Hoth map while we battle. Most Hoth maps in other star wars games had probe droids.
  25. I would like to see some cool battles in a wookiee village.
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