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    I'm so lazy I'm not going to type this.:)
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    Guitar, Star Wars, The Beatles and Weezer.
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    What's this?
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  1. '02 really is the best year and you can't prove me wrong!
  2. Offer me a sandwich, Dath, and I'll quit lurking. Wait I just did, shoot.
  3. Exactly. I guess I died for about a month when Galaxies came out. Heh.
  4. We don't want to expect the worst till we know anything for sure. I remeber one time on another forum there was a big hoax about someone dying. Really the guy went on vacation and his brother played a joke on us all. So I don't imediatly think that RP did something bad. I just hope he lost his internet for awhile.
  5. Muhahahaha! That's cause he married me. Really, we got married in IRC. Welcome back, Dude. Stick around this time.
  6. Hey hey hey. Nice ta meet you.
  7. Where the crap have you been, Tie? Geez it's been forever. YOu probably don't even remember me.
  8. Jus leave him be. Don't give him something else to Spam about.
  9. *No comment* I'm just way to scared to try... and comment that is.
  10. Ohio State football is all I watch. Other than that, nada.
  11. Woot Woot for you. I recently got together with my cousin who sings, and my friend. We jammed a bit. Hope it works out, Bobby.
  12. Muhahahaha!! Hehe Hi >.> <.< Nope. Welcome and see ya.
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