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  1. YEAH! Sry I just had to do that. I'm surprised that no one has done it yet. :/ Oh well, guess I'm the first then. Anyhow, at school atm, and thought I'd pop by. But I'd be listening to just about any sort of rap/hip-hop right about now, given I had the chance to do so. One song that you guys should check out though is: Immortal Technique - Dance with the Devil As my current mood is, I'd probably be listening to something by Korn or some Rammstein. No wait....I'd be listening to: Trick Trick - Welcome to Detroit City feat Eminem -Clemme
  2. Tried it... Learned about Firefox... 'nuff said. -Clemme
  3. What about Rp? He lives near Houston, afaik. Anyway, I just hope that all the swampers who live near Houston lives to tell the tale to their children and grand children. -Clemme
  4. Problem solved. Sollution: New PSU. Thx for all your help though. -Clemme
  5. You have to be at least 16, and carrying ID in Denmark, to even buy a beer at the local super market. If you want to go to bars, clubs and whatnot, you have to be 18 and carrying ID. So its about the same as in the UK. Oh, and WB dude. -Clemme
  6. Makes the two of us, even though I'm a Vikings fan, I'd still put Packers over them. Vikings been playing like c**p all season, or at least for the last half of it. -Clemme
  7. Guess, I have to go and ask if my local EB games are able to get a hold of that game for me. I really hope they can. -Clemme
  8. This makes me wanna play through Majoras Mask. Now, if only my controller wasnt screwed up. Oh well, the control stick is very much broken from all the use, and I wasnt as old at that time, so I didnt take good enough care of my things. Maybe there'll be a Majoras Mask MM with the next Zelda game, who knows? -Clemme
  9. L8r dude. Have a good trip, and may it be blessed by the Gods. -Clemme
  10. You didnt do a sketch of Puff the Magic Dragon did ya? J/k They're great. Keep it up. Oh and wish I could draw like that, or at least half as good. -Clemme
  11. Happy B-Day. Drinks on me fellas. *Remembers my b-day coming up* Whos gonna make me a b-day thread now? Have a good one will ya? -Clemme
  12. Thx for it GothiX. Its been put into good use. Whats the code for purple glow? -Clemme
  13. Someones been watching that trailer a lot more than they were supposed to? Anyway, cool news about the new console. Cant wait. Wonder how long it will take them to realse a Zelda game for it? -Clemme
  14. Two requests, or actually its only one, but theres two different ones to do. 1: World of Warcraft Siggy + Av combo, using some of the Night Elf or Undead shots from the cinematic trailer. If you're able to obtain shots from it. Otherwise a Night Elf or Undead av/sig combo would be nice. Remember that it has to be from World of Warcraft, and I'd be really happy if the pictures are from the cinematic trailer or anything like that. Text should say "World of Warcraft" in a cool warcraft font thingy, in colors that match the rest of the thing. If that isn't able to do, then a plain and simple sig would do, without text. Nothing fancy though. 2: An av/sig combo with Strongbads, TROGDOR the BURNINATOR. Love that character. I got no screens, but I think they should be ease enough to find. I'd like if the text could say something like this: TROGDOR the BURNINATOR in some sort of red/fire color thingy. Nothing fancy either. Been a while since I've asked for anything like this, so bear with me. Other than that, hosting would be necessary, so if you have any way to do that as well, it'd be greatly appriciated. I hope that someone here is able to make me either one or even better, both of them. Thx in advance. -Clemme
  15. Sorry about that. I knew I should have gone and told you. All I remember about the new Zelda game is the trailer, that most of you may already have seen. Dont remember where I found the link though, sorry. Anyway, the game looked awesome. Oh and no more kiddy Link, its all grown up now. Btw, anyone know if Nintendo will be releasing a new console any time soon? I think I heard some rumors about that at some point in time. -Clemme
  16. I'm having major problems with my desktop computer. Its a Pentium IV, Prescott 3 GHz, with 512 MB Ram and a GeForce TI-4400 (128 MB Ram) graphics card. As explained earlier, I had some trouble running games due to my 3.3 cord that kept getting low voltage, so me and one of my friends tried configureing the voltage in the Bios. We set the computer to run at 2.48 GHz instead, and set the volts down a bit. The VCord to a 1.3 volts, and adjusted the others a bit as well. Dont remember the configuration though. Now heres my problem, it keeps rebooting constantly and without warning. Then when it gets into Windows, it might reboot again as soon as it hits windows. Other times it wont even enter windows, and just sits there with the login screen. Maybe turning the voltage back up will fix it, but I'm not sure that this will work. Anyone got any suggestions? Thx for your help. -Clemme
  17. Yea, I remember those. One of the greatest temples in the whole game, just the fact that you have to travel through time to complete it was great. Loved that temple, oh and dont forget the cool warp song to get there. -Clemme
  18. Never completed Majoras Mask. Anything wrong with that? -Clemme
  19. Mirror Link was quite entertaining, as he was hard enough to beat in OoT. Ahh, I had some long fights against that guy, guess this one will be even longer. Apart from him, the Water Temple more or less sucked. Now the Temple out in the Desert (Forgot its name) was a fun one. Getting the Mirror Shield is always fun. Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait until I can go there. -Clemme
  20. Yea, although I figured it out before I even read your reply. Also, I found myself a bigger wallet. Go me. Guess I'm getting the hang of this again. Takes some time though. -Clemme
  21. You got that right. I've always hated that temple, just as much as I hate the Spirit Temple and the Forest Temple for some strange reason. I really hate the music in the forest one, and the spirit is just plain ol' annoying with all those invisible enemies. Water temple is up there with them some place. Anyhow, I managed to beat the room I was in yesterday. Go me! hehe. I still have a problem, I can only carry 99 rupees[sp?]. I need a bigger wallet, but forgot where to find one. -Clemme
  22. Since I started playing this game a couple of days ago, I found it to be very similar compared to the original. However the minor adjustments in the temples, really made my head turn as to what I could have expected. Sadly enough, there comes a time where you'd eventually would get stuck in the game (Which is good), and thats where I am now. I'm at the very beginning of the Fire Temple. I got into the room where the boss lurks, and where Darunia asks you to go get the legendary hammer, so you can kick Volvagias behind, however, I cant seem to move on from there. In the main lobby of the temple, theres 4 doors, one that is chained by a key, one thats blocked by some sort of statue (Which can only be removed by the hammer), one door that you can go through, without solving any puzzles. In order to go into the room where you meet Darunia, you have to light all the non-burning torches in the main lobby, this is easily done with Dins Fire. However in the room where you meet Darunia, I suspect that there is a key or something that'll help you move on. Problem is, I dont know what I have to do in there. Theres 3 non-burning torches, problem is, you're unable to light them all at the same time, and thats about as far as my mind could think. Anyone here who's actually completed this game, if so, how did you solve this puzzle in this particular temple? I'm in dire need of assistance here. Thx for your help. -Clemme
  23. Meh, a hard working morgage something (I think thats what ya do), earn enough money to come visit me. -Clemme
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