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  1. however it did enrage the swampies like i said i mean just look at the posts LOL
  2. for some odd reason i think this is my fault
  3. GOD made life i don't care what you say if you think it happen the Pokemon way why donsn't happen anymore huh?
  4. Star Trek Barbaric Episode 1 (no name yet) Captain's log Stardate[Don't know how the stardate work's yet] we have been ordered on our first mission. U.S.S. Jupitor has disappered near the romulan neutral zone and we have been ordered to find it. among the crew of the Jupitor is my Best friend from the Academy. (Captain Jeff S. Hohndorf) computer end log *Capt. Jeff walk's out of his ready room* (Capt. Jeff) Set a course for the romulan neutral zone warp 6. *a tear run's down his face as he give's the order* (helmsman) Aye sir. (Capt. Jeff) number one i think i will retire to my quarter's tell me when we get to the romulan neutral zone. (first officer) yes sir...goodnight Sir. (Capt. Jeff) thank you number one. *Capt. Jeff walk's enter's the turbolift* (Capt. Jeff) Deck 3...HALT! *Capt. Jeff hit's the turbolift console.* (Capt. Jeff) resume. *5 hour's past* (first officer) we are at the romulan neutral zone sir. (Capt. Jeff) thank you number one i will meet you on the bridge. *Capt. Jeff leave's his quarter's and enter's the turbolift* (Capt. Jeff) Bridge. *Capt. Jeff enter's the bridge* (Capt. Jeff) what do you have for us number one. (first officer) we are geting some odd reading's but we can tell there was a fight. (science officer) i'm picking up trace's of fereration, romulan and klingon weaponry. (Capt. Jeff) that doesn't make any sence what are the klingon's doing here. (first officer) maybe we need to find out. (Capt. Jeff) yes number one contact the klingon high council. (first officer) maybe now we can find out what happened to the U.S.S. Jupitor. (Capt. Jeff) you have the bridge number one i will be in my ready room. (first officer) yes sir. (science officer) i am picking 1 more weapon's trace but i can't make it out. [i'm still coming up with the rest of the story]
  5. swamp is mainly off topic but it says JKII or non JKII
  6. i remember her before she made fake pictures she just made pictures that i liked such as this and this to bad shes bad now btw the collage fakes near the top are PG next one down M and then R rated
  7. shes good at making fake stuff but heres the person u were wanting link removed -obi
  8. i am but a Padawan/Cadet when it comes to my friend Mod Traniee im thinking about telling about these forums he never rewally liked star wars anyway
  9. LOL the point of this post was more of a spam to 100000000 posts LOL
  10. man that means i have to spam my way to 1000
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