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  1. It's not doubling the polycount. It's the true polycount. When you export to .3ds, everything gets converted to triangles (like it will be in-game). Whatever modeling program you're using is counting polys, not triangles.
  2. By texture problems, you mean the prefab needing textures that only came with JK2?
  3. Perhaps you're using too many patch meshes? Try compiling with a set LOD in the patches, or perhaps just try removing some unnecessary ones.
  4. A screenshot of the Outrider prefab?
  5. [Kelso voice] Burn! [/Kelso voice]
  6. I've finished quite a few things, actually. Wrong again. My part in the project with lassev has been completed, with the exception of a final compile (we're waiting on a few sounds files as well). I'm not sure where all your hostility towards me is coming from Mongo, but it's misplaced. Nope. Look below. Pahricida's statement is actually pretty close to the truth -- it was a combination of having to go to work for long hours each day (killing the drive for any additional work when I got home), and just having other things that took priority. Thanks to everyone for their support. Here's your reward - to be released soon, after I fix a few things and run a final compile (which will up the level of lighting, amongst other things): Clickie.
  7. I hope you meant 256x256... The textures won't look any better if you just resized them in Photoshop or PSP - you'd have to get ahold of larger originals.
  8. Yes, but there's absolutely no reason to use entity suns. q3map_sunExt along with q3map_skylight in your skybox shader (along with some decent parameters) is far superior to the best entity suns. monsoon, if you need any help with the shader code feel free to contact me via PM or messenger program.
  9. Have you done a light compile yet, monsoon? Or is this the level of lighting you're looking to achieve in this map? I suspect you haven't done a light compile yet, because the player models in the shots appear to be unlit and lighting is very uniform outside with no shadows at all.
  10. Back when I wasn't blinded by the bright color scheme of the forums... ah, those were the days.
  11. Glad you figured out a workaround on your own, but there's a much easier way to set it up using Reflect/Refract maps on a primitive box. You don't even need a camera. If you want to know, just let me know - I've used it for creating some of my skyboxes. This project does just keep looking better and better, Antizac. I really hope you finish it, and if there's anything I can ever do to help just let me know.
  12. Sorry that this thread has been so quiet lately, but all my energy had been focused on other things so mapping was a little neglected. But with that taken care of, things are back in full swing and I just wanted to show off a new building that will be featured in the map. It hasn't been incorporated into the whole map yet (which there will be no shots of - I want everyone to be surprised when they see it on submission day), but I guess I just wanted to show that I'm still working on this map! Enjoy!
  13. Eldritch

    WIP: Snakev3

    It does seem uncharacteristic of the Kman.
  14. The skybox is now done - this is just to give you an idea of what it looks like...
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