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  1. Kicking was in the leaked beta. But it did some really weird things, like wallrunning up people when you were trying to kick them. That's a decent theory I suppose.
  2. They took kick out in jka because super newbies complained about it so much. It's beyond retarded to say it "wasn't meant to be in the game" if you mean jk2. If you mean jka, of course it wasn't meant to be in jka. but it was in jk2 from start to finish. removing kick basically made half the gametypes unplayable. Full force saber only anything is totally unplayable in basejka. It's impossible to kill even a slightly skilled player in such a manner. Raven were clearly not thinking past pleasing their darth maul wannabe player base when they removed kick. No Unless my opinion is that someone is a clueless newbie? That statement is too broad, i'm afraid. If you had the opinion that a monkey who takes a crap on a sheet is a greater artist than Picasso your opinion would clearly be ludicrous I am shaping up. I am pentagon, which side am I going to be on? This is a forum for a video game. Therefore, the only way I can judge any member of this board is by their opinions and statements regarding this game. You can't force me to show respect to people who I consider to be clueless newbies. All you can do is ban me yet again.
  3. InsaneSith newbie, how about you suck me? Go pull your moderator power trips on someone else
  4. razor newbie, go practice your bowing on the pad on ffa_bespin
  5. It was only hated by newbies like you. uh, it's basically the exact same game only with sloppier coding and less moves/depth lol. You don't understand my point. The damage on saber throw is totally random in basejka....in jk2 it was a solid 30. JKA adds too much luck into the game.
  6. basejka sucks. sorry to rain on your parade. horrible and sloppy hit detection, dumbed down gameplay, removal of classic jk2 moves, and insane random damage (75 point damage saber throws...lol). Xmod truly did fix all of this.
  7. There will never be another patch for jka
  8. What needs to be accepted here is that when one is on a signifigantly higher level of skill at a game, they also have a signifigantly higher understanding of the depth and subtlties of the game. Someone such as that is simply in a better position to judge the game. You say things like "pro gamer" and "competitive" and "casual" and "just for fun". But it really boils down to this...nobody on this board is a pro gamer. When you say "competitive" in terms of a player type, what you mean is players who have fun improving their skills and trying to be the best. I can tell you that's what is fun for me. It's the "casual" and "just for fun" guys who have turned this game into a wank fest where people stand around for hours with their sabers down kicking anyone who shows any signs of skill or who wish to fight. So think carefully about who you are siding with here. Anyone who was around to remember the glory that was the early days of jk2 can't help but be bitter about the direction our favorite game has taken.
  9. Newbie, I was pointing out that saying everyone would own fallen after the RPG newbs are gone (like that's going to happen) was ridiculous. And skilled players opinions do matter, i'm afraid. Fallen simply echoes the thoughts of the majority of competitive minded players out there. Is your wookie level 5 yet? anyways, his statement about raven in JK series is major valid. Every patch they did for JK2 made it worse, and then basejka was the ultimate slap in the face. Raven has a shot at redeeming themselves in my mind if Quake 4 kicks ass. But anyways, Fallen was winning ladders in this series when you were still trying to get to level 21 with your dwarf in everquest, so....I think his opinions do matter more than yours.
  10. uh...prime...Fallen was the leader of a team that went undefeated for a half a year on the TWL ladder..the largest and most respected ladder in jk2
  11. I take back what I said about JA reloaded, I assumed it was basically the same mod as JA+. I did a bit of looking into it, and it doesn't change the core settings of gameplay. However, my rant against ja+ is still completely valid of course.
  12. His CTF server is a laughable attempt to show how his mod can be used competitively. The self-kill command is buggy and unreliable on that server, and protect+absorb at the same time is also enabled.
  13. I thought that reloaded mod was just JA+ (sliders mod) with even more rpg emotes
  14. The core of the problem is this....every other FPS ever made on the Quake engine had a responsible mod making community, and a competitive minded player community. The modding community made mods to improve the competitive aspect of the game, which is what the players were looking for. This was not so in JK series. Modders like Slider (huge delerious newbies when it comes to the game) are quite clueless about the game from a competitive standpoint and were totally irresponsible in what content they added to their mod. They were totally unconcerned with the competitive aspect of the game, and instead catered to their own RPG desires. Their mods truly did ruin the gameplay of JKA on any competitive level whatsoever. Their mods are centered towards dumbing the game down for newbies, and giving bitter kiddie admins tools to take out their e-rage on superior players. The mods made by Slider stand as the worst things ever to happen to this series from a competitive standpoint. They are complete clueless newbies. If you play on one of their mods, know that you are playing a mod made by someone without even the slightest understanding of game balance. If you are simply looking for a mod that will add JK2 style flip kicking without altering the core balance of the game, and still retaining all of the complex competitive aspects, get Xmod. Here are a few alterations to the basejka game which show the extreme newbishness of the creators of these mods: 1) 0 force regen. This is standard with their mod. The legit competitive setting determined by raven is and always has been (even in jk2) 200. By setting it to 0, it allows extreme spamming, and makes lightsiders all but invincable (on 0 regen you can heal 100 points every 5 seconds...LOL..newbies). Also, it removes all percision from the game. On legit settings every last move you make has to count. If you foul up a pull kick and miss, you will pay for it by losing precious force. In 0 you can just spam over and over and you never get penalized for sqrewing up a move since you can do it again over and over and know you will get your force back basically instantly. Retarded. A skilled player such as myself is basically invincable with lightside on 0 regen. 2) Absorb + Protect at the same time (WTF LOL). When I first saw this I was laughing my ****ing ass off. As if their mod didn't already unbalance everything enough in favor of lightsiders, now they make this stock. For you newbies out there, in the base game you cannot absorb and protect at the same time (for damn good reasons). Thanks, newbie modders. This just goes to show how clueless these modders are. 3) Grapplehooks and Jetpacks. Rubbish. The JKA maps are so great. They have so many little tricks and movement tactics. These maps were never meant to be played with these cheats, and these cheats make them extremely retarded. Raven intended players to have to master skills like wall climbing and strafe jumping. They intended players to actually have to learn to navigate maps the legit way. By adding these cheats not only do you make everyone invincable in an FFA, but you totally ruin map navigation. Idiots. There are tons of other ridiculous tweaks these newbs made to the out of the box game. Including tweaks to sabers and blocking. I don't really feel like getting into it, as I feel my above points clearly showed what morons these guys are.
  15. The problem with your mod is that there aren't enough things to make gameplay ridiculous. Sure, jetpacks and grapplehooks being enabled make killing somone in an FFA impossible if they really want to avoid death, but that's just not enough. please add more newbie crutch tools so that everyone will be invincable. After all...if nobody can die, nobody clan "lame", right? You should also make running maps even more idiot proof. While it was a stroke of genius to make elite skills like strafe jumping worthless with your grapplehooks and jetpack newbie crutches, it still actually takes a slight bit of effort to go from one place of the map to the other. This is unacceptable. How about a teleporter that INSTANTLY teleports newbies to anywhere on the map they wish to go. That way it takes even less skill to navigate maps than your additions have already made it.
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