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  1. I have a question...when and if this is completed...will a map maker be able to make a single player map, specifically designed to be player as Co-Op? If so, what does he/she have to do? Thanks, looking forward to it.
  2. Shame I don't have JKA anymore...but if this turns out to be pretty good I might just wanna give it a shot again. ^^ Have any of you tried it yet? Does it work ok or is it still kinda buggy? Another thing, just to ease my curiousity...there isn't anything for JKO, that's Co-Op related? By the way, thanks for the info. I appreciate it.
  3. FireHeaven


    I've heard Wired Lamp Studios was making a Co-Op mod for JK2, but they ran into problems, yet they still managed to release some sort of file to enable it...but no A.I. Keep in mind I'm not really sure if all this information is correct, as it's been awhile. What I'm asking is, has any progress been made on a Co-Op for JK2? Or even JK3 (I know it's not JKO related)? If so, can I get a link or any more info about it? Thanks.
  4. I'm feeling depressed. It's beginning to sink in. I don't think this model will ever be released. And even if they were looking for sounds you would think they would tell us there still searching for sounds.
  5. Besides that, Jedi Academy has the ablity to import models and maps from JK2 from what I hear. So it's not like you won't be able to play him in JKA
  6. Hey ahhh... What's going on guys... I mean the front page has no new updates and the forums seemed to be completely abandoned...
  7. Im sorry if I sound like a newbie... But when you say models is it possible that your including NPC's themselves?
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