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  1. I live in PA, and PC games are never sold out. Theres eb games, gamestop, compusa, bestbuy's everywhere. PC games are never even half sold out, and for this game 1st time ever in my like 10 years of gaming have i ever saw a game get sold out. Didnt know this game was anticipated that much outside of the starwars junkies like us Luckily i bought it the morning of the day it came out, but its just crazy seeing it sold out everywhere...
  2. i completely agree with stingerhs, like ive played Rome:Total War and its amazing, i mean the only thing keeping it from being PERFECT is the combat AI. But the sytrategy of building armies in rome and the battling itself was amazing. Then i have great memories of rebellion, if the ability to customize the ships such as admiral, fighters, troops on each ISD. The strategy of the map on rebellion was amazing unlike its space battles. So to me add rome and rebellion together would be beyond amazing, but i played EAW for about 30 mins, i dunno if im growing up and im getting pickier, but like the gameplay on ground and space is just too arcadish. And like the galactic map isnt amazing because of it beinmg to simplistic to be fun, also feels a bit clustered with so many planets in a small area. Since at heart im a hard core starwars fan, itll grow on me but for now its not, and like one of the reviews said, this is a game starwars fans will love, others will loose interest fast.
  3. crap! 40 bukcks at those 2 places? im so mad, i alrdy bought it for 50 bucks at gamestop! HAHAHA im gonna buy it for 40 at bestbuy, then with that copy, im gonna use my recept and send it as a return to gamestop and get 50 bucks back, in the end i will save 10 bucks!!!
  4. true that making the game complicated like rebellion means it just wont sell, haha im greedy, im one of the bunch who loved rebellion so if they would have made it like rebellion, i would have died and went to heaven playing EAW forever.
  5. so far every decision they've made in all of these tough situations, I have not agreed with one of their decisions. Hopefully we can mod the game to fix these probelms me and other players will not like. If only they went into the direction of strategy more than arcade, man how more amazing the game can be. Hey game prob will still be amazing!
  6. yes they say they try to make it less chore-ful with the strategy by having a lot of thing automated, yet having to assign a new target for ur ships is prob the worse chore of the bunch especially when u have lots of lil units fighting at once
  7. hey this isnt really a issue to complain about. Ther bottom line is that im pretty sure we will be able to edit the game and hange speeds as we wish easily. Like the one thing i really hope we can edit is like amount of fighters in a squad, or storm troopers in a squad.
  8. nope lol in reality its all about the money, and if they have to please the general fans happy to get sales revenues, then they will. Just sucks still
  9. mods will make EAW 10 times better and play it forever. and i KNOW they WILL make expansions for EAW around time frames like the movies. Thats y u dont see the tie interceptor SSD etc.
  10. aww man! lol How could they have ever let the thought of no veterancy go into their minds! lol
  11. veteracy can be added to it easily, the prob is that it could make everything concearning balancing complicated which would make it a huge maybe since the ship date is coming up fast. But who knows.
  12. "i send by ties and bombers, and they were gone in no time, plus how is that my ship takes hull damage with its shield at full ???" Answer is, proton torpedos go right thru shields which is ludacris. Dont know where they got it from and unless all the xwing games were wrong, there deff wrong.
  13. yea. Like i wanted the characters to play more of a role of rebellion like become admiral, general etc. but added the ability for them to actually fight. But its instead unique units that respawn. Veterancy would have added such a unique spin to things such as being rewarded for efficiency. I remember a while ago they commented on rome:total war in comparison to this game, and they said it was too boring etc. Yes cause he speaks from the shoes of a general arcadish player. But for everyone else, the hardcore friends loved it. That game was soo sucessful because of the strategu, yet they decided to make the general fan happy rtaher than the loyalists/strategy hardcore players. Upsets me a bit.
  14. yea like 2 things in space combat i hopeis fixed is A, when the battle first starts up, ships arnt alrdy all next to the enemy giv9ing u no time to prepare. and 2, if u dont give ur ships an order, it would generally attack instead of just do nothing and die.
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