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  1. Unfortunately I hate everything Clone Wars and everything having to do with the prequels in general. Doesn't mean the mod is bad. Just that I will not be playing it.
  2. Even though I posted that stuff last year, I still don't like ysalamiri. They don't fit. I only take the original trilogy as canon. It just doesn't make sense for a creature to be able to block the force. The only reason they can is because the author that created them had no other viable way for his antagonists to challenge a jedi save making them jedi themselves, and I guess he didn't want to do that. They do not fit with the spirit of the original trilogy and therefore I cannot accept them. Nothing will convince me otherwise. I never read any of the books and probably never will. For me, only the original trilogy counts and perhaps the future TV show depending on it's storylines.
  3. The Eclipse is an "instant win" ship in skirmish so it wouldn't work. unlike the Executor which is powerful but slow and vulnerable...and with no "instant win" laser. Plus, I think it's fuggin' ugly. It's like a giant stretched pyramid in space. That has nothing to do with game balance but I thought you should know
  4. Stop Keldabe shield drain from working vs stations Make Luke a space skirmish hero unit with lucky shot ability Reduce the range of mass drivers. Vengeance cruisers especially Make Boba's seismic charge work properly vs starvipers (many times it does nothing at all) Increase the effectiveness of rogue squadron's special ability. The duration is way too short and I haven't noticed much of a damage increase. This unit is not worth using in skirmish without an increase in effectiveness Fix the strange issue with lasers completely missing Bossk and sometimes IG-88. And defilers when playing GC. For some reason lasers miss them quite often; I've seen defilers and Bossk last an entire battle because all lasers would miss them even when being chased by the millenium falcon and tons of fighters. Make acclamator/victory/ISD TIE fighter and bomber hangar units follow it's ship when it moves. Currently they'll spawn fighters, but the fighters stay where they are as the ship moves. Make the AI play the empire faction when making custom demo maps for the main menu battle cinematic. Currently on the rebels and consortium factions get played; empire doesn't move it's ships or send in reinforcements. Fix the problem that nobody can change teams when a custom skirmish map is hosted!
  5. Oh I see. I never play land skirmish and rarely play GC. All I remember about shield generators is building them on the galactic map.
  6. What units do you have and what units are you fighting against? I really don't remember much of the campaigns at all, but I do consider myself a bit of an expert at this game (no big deal since this is a simple game...very fun but simple). Tell me exactly what your fleet and the enemy fleet consists of?
  7. Huh? You can't upgrade shield generators in EAW? You have a mod that allows this perhaps?
  8. If you're having problems with the first level (you mean first mission right?) then you're gonna have a helluva time later. I haven't played the campaign since February so I don't remember what the missions are, but I do remember they got progressivly harder.
  9. The best advice I can give: Get to know each unit's strengths and weaknesses and their special abilities. This is especially true for rebels as they rely more on heroes and their special abilities than the empire. Many rebel ships can power their shields. A-wings can force all enemy fighters in their area to attack them instead of other targets (very useful when accompanying Y-wings). The millenium falcon has invulnerability. Red squadron can instantly destroy hardpoints with lucky shot (or Boba Fett or other single ships with no hardpoints like tartan cruisers). Y-wings can use ion cannon special ability to take down shields. Chewbacca can comandeer vehicles. Han Solo can use EMP burst to disable vehicles and turrets in his area (try using them both together! Han to disable an AT-AT; Chewie to comandeer it). Obi Wan can heal nearby allies. TB4s can switch from lasers to rockets depending on what it's attacking (lasers tend to be better vs heavy vehicles, rockets better vs troops and light vehicles). Obi Wan sucks vs Vader. X-wings and A-wings suck vs tartans. Mon Calamaris and other larger ships such as nebulon-B and assault frigates suck vs TIE fighters and bombers. Marauder cruisers rock vs stations when you use more than 1 at a time, but have low shields and hull so they are destroyed easily. That is not a complete list It may all seem like a lot when you're first starting. But it's actually quite easy and very intuitive. You'll get the hang of it in no time. After you've become comfortable with all the rebels can do, get to know what the empire can do. Learn all about Boba Fett's seismic charge, and TIE scouts (these things can be one of the most useful ships in the entire game) And...when you finally get the FOC expansion, you not only get new units and new special abilities...you can set units to automatically use their special abilities! It's a great feature that lets you concentrate on the whole battle rather than micromanaging units to use their abilities (NOTE: not all special abilities can be automated)
  10. Pretty much Wedge. I have to add two things though: Make it so Keldabe shield drain does not work on stations AND make it so crusader point defense doesn't work on torpedoes. The problem with ZC ships is when there's multiples of them in a varied fleet. Nothing can really stand against them. Crusaders are by far the best anti-fighter corvette and can negate missiles and torpedoes, multiple aggressors take out critical hardpoints on capital ships pretty quickly (like hangars, turbo lasers etc) while keldabes are draining shields and vengeance are bypassing the shields of capital ships not targeted by the keldabes, or taking out corvettes and frigates. When you build a decent ZC fleet nothing can stand against it. Heck, even a level 3 ZC station can withstand a massive assault, due in no small part to the overpoweredness of it's garrison units.
  11. Well it's one thing to make an expansion, it's another to make a new game with all new storylines. And that's what an expansion like that would become: and all new game. See the thing is you have to keep most of the original units (if not all), which means it's still rebels vs empire at heart. You have to remember that strange things will happen, like obi wan still running around, yoda still kicking butt, death stars running amok blowing up planets etc. I don't think the next expansion has to be complicated enough to contain a totally new storyline. I think it needs new units, like Lando Calrissian and Princess Leia, of course new space units, and a campaign that won't contradict any previous storylines. I'm wondering, after finishing the FOC campaign, if we will be getting a new faction, or if we will just be getting more units for the existing factions? You know the storyline will have something to do with Silri finding those frozen warriors. But will they be part of the empire? Or a new faction? Personally I don't want to see 4 factions since the newest one is guaranteed to be so overpowered and so out of place within Star Wars (like I think the ZC units are) that I won't want to play it.
  12. ZC are still ridiculously overpowered in space skirmish, although not quite as ridiculously overpowered as before. Keldabe super weapon should NOT work vs stations Boba's seismic charge SHOULD work vs starvipers (it really doesn't) Crusader point defense should NOT shoot down incoming torpedoes There's more but this is what's blatantly obvious while playing. I'm back to not allowing ZC when I host games. But at least I will play this online...before the patch I refused to even bother playing online since everyone wanted to be the overpowered ZC. And I refuse to play as ZC...ever.
  13. I've had it since it was released, but my first impressions were that the ZC were totally overpowered (laughably so, and confirmed numerous times when trying to play against them online), the campaign was too quick, there was a conspicuous lack of campaigns for the rebels or empire (there should have been campaigns based around the 2nd death star ala ROTJ for both factions), and there was STILL no Lando Calrissian or Leia...it's just not Star Wars without Lando and Leia! And being a bit of a purist I thought FOC was based way too much on expanded universe stuff. That's to be expected though. It's just that to me it was too much...I especially disliked the nightsisters who used lightsaber whips and rode rancors around. Wtf is that all about? Let me put it this way: When I got FOC I completed the campaign and a few GC games with a fleet of just starvipers (with 3 skiprays thrown in just to allow bombing runs), and land forces of mostly canderous tanks and MALs (in the campaign I couldn't use the tanks so I used pulse cannons instead). So what that the land forces cost a ton? The ZC make 10x more money than the rebels and empire combined! I was also bothered by the scale of the death star II vs planets and ships. It looks tiny compared to ships and gigantic compared to planets. I know how it's impossible to make everything to scale, but still.
  14. Similar to Rome: Total War then. I don't think EAW will ever be like that though.
  15. Mine was Cuddles the Rancor How cute. Anyway yes it's a bit overpowered, but not as overpowere as canderous tanks (which you can have multiples of).
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