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  1. Even if you don't believe in God there's still some pretty comforting things in the Bible. You may wan't to read it if you have one. Death is usualy when people turn to God but some times it's when people turn away if you know what I mean. Ooops I accidently logged in as the wrong person oh well.
  2. I have started reading the first of The New Jedi Order series and so far I love it. Has anyone else been reading these books?
  3. no actually your oppinion did NOT offend me. Ive alwayse liked boba before I found out in the books which you don't think should count that he lived after the sarlacc I just liked him for his looks.I don't care if thier the suckiest character ever I still like them if they look good!
  4. have you ever seen the star wars VHS with comentary? well george lucas says he created all the scripts for all the movies before he even made the first one. so that would obviously mean that he did not add jango because people loved boba! and if you think the novels are just writen by any old pearson, and that person just makes his favorite character the best or something you should look on the actual cover of the book and you will notice that all the novels are published by lucas arts. so they have to agree compleatly with the movie and follow the proper story line.
  5. what do you mean start?????????? hes already wrote the scripts for the last three episodes!!!!!!!!! he wrote the scripts for all nine movies before he made the first one!!!!!!!!!!!! your ignorence ofends me! but I forgive you.
  6. If you like Boba or Jango fett youve come to the right place and if you dont thats ok too you can find out why others do. so do or don't you, why.
  7. the comic books may streach the story but they are mostly true and if you dont think the novels are true then... go... to................... W . W . W . S T A R W A R S . C O M............ and see for your self!!!!!!!!! geeezee your ingnorence ofends me!!!!!!!!!!! mabee you should also thry the boba fett fan club ok! Oh by the way I had to make a new user because for some reason I cant get on with my own user?????
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