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  1. I am not a fan of MMORPG's as a long-term prospect...people need an end game. That being said I find myself wondering how you guys are doing in RL and in-game.....something any other game could never really achieve. I do miss you guys but I am not sure SWG is what it wanted to be. I appluad the effort, however. P.S. My son was born nine weeks ago meaning I now have less time than ever to game. Has has already seen episodes 4-6 and I caught him smiling at Luke's green blade, and I thought I detected a tear when Han was frozen.
  2. dow_30


    Sure a space pirate can marry.....you can have a wife in every starport!!!
  3. hehe.....great job on the movie Corzip....I can't believe everything we all "went through". I think I was happiest when it first started...I was desperate for bone and we all hunted some down.......it held so muh possibility back then.
  4. What is your name on Stormrage.....I am a lvl 24 pally...Gallahad.
  5. I can make you some lower level ship parts if you need them, but from what I understand the space loot is better than crafted loot. Let me know.
  6. Man I hope my wife understands when I leave the hospital to go see Episode III!!!
  7. I am a little late, but happy New Year!!!
  8. My wife is going to have to answer some serious questions if it is a Mon Cal!! I tried to push the name Annakin but my wife quickly shot that one down.
  9. Since I consider you all friends I have exciting news. I just found out that I am going to have a baby boy due in May. The sonogram confirmed everything is A-ok. I hope I will still have time for gaming!!! (until my wife Strikes Back )
  10. I have CPA class and Grad school monday-thursday so I get on around 9:30 pm EST which is pretty late for you. This past week I have not been able to get on because it was my last week of grad school and I was studying. WoW is okay, I just wonder if any MMORPG can really hold me for that long. Galaxies was my first real forray into the genre and that was prompted by the love of Star Wars and the possibilities it held. I like galaxies, I just wonder if I was made to play MMORPG's in general? Just my 2 credits. Cor and Teb I will look for you guys online, we just have smoe incompatible schedules
  11. I would get the band back together. I am still in galaxies (but I never see the Europeans anymore ) but I am also playing WoW on the Stormrage server. You are welcome to come there.
  12. Well I am still here Corzip as well. If this is the end though I would like to thank everyone I played with. It has been a long winding journey waiting for SWG to launch up until now. I made some good friends in beta, and great friends here on the forums and in-game. Corzip you did a great job, exceptional even. Many bows to you. Jan, you deserve a ton of credit too. I always enjoyed being around you in-game. I also would like to thank Murashu and Zarker (SP) for their play from the beginning. I hope Murashu is safe and doing well. I will miss you all. It was fun hanging out with you Jo, X'ero. Iwok, Tebra, Xanadu, Baboo and too many others to remember. This was my first MMORPG ever and you guys made it worth playing. Again, thanks to everyone, and long live the -A- team.............
  13. I am still playing. Send me a wp to new houses please.
  14. X'ero, I never meant to imply you were stupid by suggesting the BIOS. Fact is aLOT of gamers know nothing about their own computer. I just wasn't sure what your comfort level was. I hope you get this worked out. I had a little trouble with my audigy because I had built-in audio, but disabling it under my comp and in the BIOS worked for me.
  15. When you say you disabled the onboard card I assume you meant through the BIOS....if not start there.
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