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  1. just wonder if someone could post how to bind key to change force fast Thx!
  2. Hmm can any1 post the Red DFA script,i wanna try something u guys might like it =P
  3. I was playing last nite on a server,evrytime we backstabed it made the server lag so,i was wondering if there a way to take off those Sparkle when 2 saber contact?
  4. after all the people telling other that promod is awsome i downloaded it,but it ridiculous with qtracker i only see 2 server runing promod and tried Artifex server,no one was in it,and the 2 server i see with qtracker are emtpy Always,i tried with bot i didnt see any change with 1.4 if u guys can tell me some server running promod il be thankful
  5. Rancilk


    the master server is down that why server wont shows up
  6. u know ive been thinking all patch is very different 1.2 1.3 1.4 their all different hey i want 1.5 i wonder what it will be like.
  7. Ok i want that script for one reason:Im playing Saber Only CTF,So chasing a carrier require an Extremely fast kick so i can kick em off the bridge,But as for the rest i use normal kick such as pulling from far distance then kick or Strafe then kick back Thx NemoX for the script Thx remark 666 for helpin
  8. i tried many thing First i tried to make it like the blue lunge script,simple: \bind x "+forward;+moveup;+moveup" and i still had to double tap the key i bound,yet it prooven to give a more precise kick since it tap faster than jump(maybe it tap jump too fast ... don't know) then i tried this \bind x "+foward; wait; +moveup; wait; +moveup" same result as first then \bind x "+forward;+moveup;-moveup;+moveup;-moveup" it only run forward \bind x "+forward; wait; +moveup; wait; -moveup; wait; +moveup; wait; -moveup" walked forward only and then i tried the first scrip from JaraDaj without the wait commands: set "fkick" "+forward; +moveup; -moveup; +moveup; -moveup; -forward" bind X "vstr fkick" didnt work, that all,Thanks
  9. Anyone good the script for kick not the one from Jaradaj or whatever,it kick kinda slow,and i tried to script one but i still got to have press twice on the button i bind
  10. Error 404
  11. I think the \kill commands in FFa,TFFA or anything that you got to kill people to get points, it is lame but if it CTF no ones care i mean you killed the carrier by throwing him off,Who care if he suicide you got ur team ur flag back you should be happy, sometime i suicide in FFA,Team FFA cuz i got a bad habbit to do so, Since i mostly play Saber CTF
  12. forgot to say why light and dark are equal, Absorb if you desactive it rightly without getting pull can own a dark force,but again this is a mater of skill if your playing vs dark same for Dark
  13. Tell us why 1.3 Light and Dark wasnt equal? well here why i think they are equal,Dark Rage own =) 1.3 of course,in FFA if you can Backstab corectly you will defenitly have or around the best score,Protect is no match for Dark Rage And what you said about grip+push yea that dam true but you gotta admit that light force also have a GREAT advantage that can save you sometime
  14. about the 6 comments im saying, Light force is way too powerfull in 1.4 but in 1.3 Light force and Dark Force are equal I'm not complaining about pull evryone guessed that if you stand still you wont get pulled donw in 1.3. In case you didnt saw,im comparing 1.3 to 1.4 Yes Backstab was lame in No Force duel,but still Backstab owned in FFA,TFFA,Saber CTF an attack such as backstab is greatly needed oh yes id like to put one more comments ROFL 10:Pushing while your knocked that the most stupid thing of all, Killing someone realy a pain since they can push you back when you kick+dfa and since their pushing sometime you cant hit em with red stance
  15. Guys i Swear my friend is doing something that make his camera view BEHIND HIM and NO IT NOT A CHEAT PROTECTED i saw him with my own eyes,but he told me a hint When you type \cg_thirdpersondamp or \cg_cameradamp (dont remember wich one ROFL) there a list showing up wich one?no idea...
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