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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome fellas.


    Life is kinda rough right now. I just broke up with my girl (long distance relationship) and I got kick out of school.


    Whats good Mysticspade? I remember you, I use to help you with your avatar and I see you're still into Dragon Ball. And you use to help me with the sig pics.


    I remember the time you said you were getting married. So hows that?


    Siv, was your name SivyB or something before?


    Jokemaster, Acrylic, ZBomber, ETWarrior, Jed, Boba Rhett, Lexx Clemme w/stick, yeah I rember ya'll. Its good so you guys again.


    I can't belive ya' still here.


    And the new people, its nice meeting you all.

  2. Thanks, happy to be back.


    Hopefully I'll be here for a while.


    I enjoyed my experience from the past.


    And I hope its still has the same feeling around here.


    The last time I was here there was a store. So whats new this time?

  3. Originally posted by MysticSpade

    -s/<itzo- man i coulda swore i made you a sig with that dude in it already. see now your gonna make me dig through my archives and find it now aren't ya. or do ya not want that one no mo.



    i know but for some reason the image don't work.

  4. Rurouni Kenshin definetly.



    I've seen probably almost all anime you can think of and Kenshin is one of my top 5.


    Trigun is also a good series.


    I use to like Dragon Ball but it's getting played out.


    And Yu Yu Hakusho ain't bad neither but it quite old.



    Hey wheres Cowboy Bebop????

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