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  1. Originally posted by Reborn Outcast

    How about the stopping of Hitler. That wasn't good? :rolleyes:



    hey there buddy.


    you are blowing it out of proportion. it wasn't even that serious. plus i was just imitating a song.



    hey TheHobGoblin, singin with me:


    WAR HUH GOOD GOD YALL! What is it good for absolutely nothing!

  2. Originally posted by Rogue Nine

    I can understand a great deal of Tagalog and Binisaya, primarily since I grew up in the Philippines for a good part of my youth. I speak English quite well. I've studied French for seven years and am pretty proficient at it. I'm currently studying Irish Gaelic and I'd like to learn several other languages by the time I finish school.


    are you filipino???



    i was born there. what part of the philippines did you spent your chilhood? i lived in quezon city for about 8 years and moved out here in NY.

  3. exactly....



    they want to draw quick conclusions but they don't know where rappers are coming from.


    you got to put yourself in their shoes and see what it's like.

  4. Good point Aru-Wen.


    Don't it sound so hypocritical.


    So you're saying we should blame the parents of these kids, not the artists themselves. Yes, they're only trying to make a living just like you and me, rapping about how they're going to blast your head off if you don't "step off, biotch." Right. This is all the parents' faults that their kids listen to this. We should place absolutely no blame on the artists because they're trying to "express" themselves.


    BULL****. Do not even try to go along that vein of reasoning. Parents, when informed that their kids are listening to such filth, do everything in their power to stop their kids from listening to it. Artists have a responsibility to moderate their message. And the radio and television stations have a responsibility to control what they show to the general audience. But they can't do that, can they? It's because kids want to listen to the crap that they play.


    And as for playing to what is popular today, that's an entirely specious argument as well. Rappers have been rapping about the same exact things for years and years and years. That is all some of them can rap about! And the public accepts that, which is further evidence that our society's morals are escalating downward.


    Artists such as Vanessa Carlton and Zwan are just as popular as the rappers, but their messages and lyrics are anything but objectionable. I've no quarrel with artists like them, primarily since they actually demonstrate restraint with their lyrics and have some form of musical talent and deceny in their videos i.e., they can play their own instruments (not just "bouncing" to a monotonous rap beat) and they don't have scantily-clad women popping up every two seconds.


    When I can say that about rap "artists", then I will silence myself. Until then, this "music" isn't worth crap in my book.


    You are entitled to your own opinion, you can say pretty much what you want. But I'm not telling you to accept rap, just acknowledge it.


    Saying that rap doesn't have musical talent is just silly. I mean whats the difference between a rapper or any other recording artist. Rapping consist of verses, chorus, bridges, ect... like any other type of genre. And also producing these beats don't come from the sky and suddenly fall on your lap. People produce these beats from scratch (except P. Diddy of course :D ). It takes the same skills and talent to develope beats as much as playing actual intruments.


    You have to understand that an artist write about songs about their life. And most rappers live a life of poverty and crime is the result of that. So you can't blame them for rapping about life. They didn't choose to live life that way, it was the cards that they were dealt with. As I said before, rap display reality, and unfortunately, such pains and struggles, are apart of life. So obviously sex, violence, & drugs will come up here and there. Also another explanation of rappers exposing money, cars, jewelry in their videos I think is because it's a way of showing that they have made it. It's sorta saying "I'm rich now and i have the right to brag about it."


    But what I really don't understand is that if you're really against rap because of its negative influence (sex, violence & drugs) why not go against movies and video games aswell. I mean I'm pretty sure all of you are fans of both movies or video game because if you weren't we wouldn't be discussing this right now. Rap is just the same, it's just a different form of entertainment.

  5. Originally posted by Vestril

    plus you don't know who I am...:p I'm glad I'm getting support for the shin kicking, I was also thinking of beating him with a stick. It might or might not be for the second time...(personal joke ;) )



    Yeah, beat him with a stick. Something thats made out of bamboo.



    It does major damage in the ribs or the thigh section. Beat him so bad that he'll have to pee through a tube.

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