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  1. The same message can be convey in today's films, literature, etc... but i don't see you guys going against that.


    We all have to remember that hip hop and rap are intended for entertainment listening. And nowadays sex & violence is what sells. It's mainstream so you can't blame the artist for trying to sell music that the consumers want.



    When thinking about the impact upon kids, not all works of art are meant for all audience ages. It is up to parents and guardians to monitor the enviornment of their children.

  2. Originally posted by ET Warrior

    Metaphors symbolism and similies has 0% to do with musical technique or brilliance. Anyone can use those without having a lick of musical talent.


    Carefully hear what you're saying right now cuz you're not making any sense. I mean what do you think make poems so great, it's the technicality usage of words, metaphors, similies, ect.. You can intrepret the same thing for rapping. And thats what make rapping so great and unique in my ears.


    And i personally don't understand the symbolism, what does killing cops and pimping on the streets symbolize? :confused:;)


    I just like how punk is upfront with it's message. They don't hide how they're feeling or what they're trying to say. Like anti-flag's "die for your government" or similar such......but that's just me.


    Did you ready my whole comment? Please read my last paragraph.


    You're only emphasizing on the negative aspects. You're classifying rap as what only you see fits. Which is money, violence, drugs, and sex. Which is not the case in alot of songs.


    If you want me to prove you wrong i can show you dozens of lyrics which represents love, family, community, respect, etc...

  3. Whoa! This conversation has gone long enough.



    So stop this homo tendencies and get back to the thread.




    I know somebody heard about this.


    Well..in the Wizard of Oz, at the beginning of the "We're off to see the wizard" sequence, there is a disturbance in the trees off to the right. This was rumored to be one of the crew hanging himself.

  4. i use to go to alot of forums but i cut down to just the swamp.



    it took too much of my time and since the swamp was the coolest place out of all of em', i narrowed it just to this one.

  5. Originally posted by Boba Rhett

    Now for my rumor. I think I saw -s/<itzo- and Aru-Wen making out in an ally last week! :eek::D


    Hold your horses there buddy.


    It was the parking lot not the ally silly. :rolleyes:

  6. I myself is a rap fan. I'm kinda offended to what you guys are saying. Saying that rap has no musical technique or brilliance. Thats just absurd. Ever heard of metaphors, symbolism, and similies, you know like poems. Maybe the reason why it don't make sense to you guys because your mind can't maintain the capacity to understand rap or simply because you can't relate to it. But that doesn't give you the right to discriminate its ideals. Rap is like any other music but it has a different way of expressing and aproaching the situation.


    Rap deals with artists exposing how they feel about the many aspects, obstacles, and realities in the life of the American man, woman, child, family, or the American society as a whole. So to view the hip hop and rap artistic representation as entirely negative is totally wrong. Not to say that everything is positive about rap, but surely not everything is negative. Any music, literature, film, etc. can be viewed as having negative features, but that doesn't mean the whole industry has negative influences. When thinking about the impact upon kids, not all works of art are meant for all audience ages.


    When young women and men are exposed to negatives sexual messages or the glorification of a gangstar's life, they're not forced to have to take on that role. Then there are the many artist of hip hop and rap who produce many uplifting and positive songs about love, family, community, respect, etc. The vivid imagery and language of the lyrics, which can express much reality, can be interpreted in many ways, as with anything. Hip hop artist put forth and analyze many important issues in their songs, that we as people are concerned with. Not all hip hop and rap express pimping women and killing. And as said before, hip hop and rap display reality, and unfortunately, such pains and struggles, are apart of life. Then we all have to remember that hip hop and rap are are intended for entertainment listening. Hip hop is a major component within in African American life that can reflect the trials and tribulations of blacks, therefore it should not be viewed as always destroying, because it has reality as substance.

  7. Originally posted by git_sum_stuka

    What is the name of the character in my avatar and what time period do you get him in?


    10 points


    give us a clue. i'm thinking somebdody from anime.





    to insanesith: i'm savin up (nice midi song by the way)

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