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  1. well i'm 20 but every time i tell some one my age they look at me with shock.



    they even mistaken my little brother, whos 18, as the older one.



    i don't know whether i should take it as an insult or compliment.



    but i guess i can't help it, i do look good with my smooth baby skin face.



  2. exact time???



    i know i've done one to the other but never the exact time.



    well, i know for a fact that when you sneeze, your heart stops for a split second. but something about releasing gas like when you fart or burp, some weird reaction happens then your hearts just stops completely.



    something to that nautre. i'm not too sure about it though. some one explained it to me and it made sense. but i can't remember specifically what he told me.

  3. I heard rumors that if you burp, fart and sneeze all at the same time you’ll die.



    Imagine if it actually happen to somebody. What would they write on his tombstone?



    Any thoughts about this.

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