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  1. When you give up on your life, when there is too much stress, can't handle it no more and decide to blow your brains or jump off a building I think that's wrong.


    But I do believe you have the right to die to an extent.


    For example Euthanasia (assisted suicide).


    Personally, I think everbody has the right to chose there own destiny and it's conclusion if they are fortunate enough to have the opportunity.


    If a person wishes to die when there is no hope of recovery and life is an endless blur of pain and misery then that is their decision not mine until such time that I am in the same position.


    If people don't want euthanasia then sure that is their choice.


    But I have no intention of living till I am nothing more than a vegetable sliding into oblivion. If I contract a debilitating or painfull disease, then I don't want to live in a continual drug induced stupor. Life is mean't for "living", it is not to be "ecked out" to please some religious nut or doctor.


    When my quality of life no longer meets my expectations, euthanasia will be an option. I hope by then I will be allowed to do it painlessly and with dignity. I hope self-interested people will not do me the indignity and injustice of interfering with my right to die.

  2. Originally posted by ImmolatedYoda

    LOL you lose sperm by wearing briefs? man, whered you hear that? :eek:


    I've heard it everywhere.


    Just think about it, briefs are tighter, so it's possible that they can raise your body temperature above the norm for sperm to survive. So if a guy wants to be really fertile, boxers are the way to go.


    This has yet to be scientifically proven but it just seem to make sense.

  3. this is jedimod 1.2 taunt list:


    /sit -sits do again the stand up

    /stand -stands up from sit, typing /sit a second time will do the same thing

    /kiss -kisses another player if both of you have your sabers off

    /taunt -does the spinning saber taunt

    /draw -does a nifty saber drawing move

    /nod -nods your head

    /shake -shakes your head

    /super -strike a superman pose

    /thumbsdown -looks like your giving something a thumbs down

    /looks -looks around

    /flip -twirls your saber

    /dest -looks like your typing, possibly coding.

    /cocky -you point at yourself

    /jedi -does something that was for some reason named jedi

    /way -shows you the way

    /scratch -scratch your head

    /dunno -hold your arms out saying you don't know

    /power -holds your hand up in the air

    /barf -barf all over

    /throw1 -throw your saber behind you

    /throw2 -throw your saber forwards

    /throw3 -throw your saber to the side

    /adjust -adjust your saber

    /beg -beg for mercy

    /kneel -kneel on the ground

    /punch -punches only when mod_boxing is 1

    /slap -slap someone if they kiss you

    /sleep -lay down, you fall when your getting up cause your tired

    /spintaunt -do the spinning saber taunt

    /bounce -do a pushup thingy sortof

    /breakdance -breakdance

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