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  1. Originally posted by Chewbacco

    Man, I was betting it would be a white guy. And I was surprised it was a black.:eek: I heard this all day on the radio. Usually blacks don't do these kind of crimes. :disaprove



    did you ever heard of drive bys. one of the leading causes of murders in the U.S. good think i don't live in Cali. WEST SIDE!!!!


    do you guys think this issue is link to the al quaida since one of them was muslim??????

  2. Originally posted by Padanime

    why do we need to choose between some cool guys that do a freakin great job???



    this is just a thread to suck up to the mods, thats about it.


    if thats the case, Boba Rhett you one bad motha.....SHUT YO' MOUTH!!!!


    seriously though, he's so kool he persuaded yoda to smoke some trees with him. only cool guys can pull that off.

  3. hey toonces i have an idea. make an anakin skin using tex's epI obi as the base.


    just for now till' terc finishes his model.


    and since you're busy skinning tex's models consider mars to skin it, he's pretty good. anybody seen his latest qui gon skin, very accurate i might add. and i think with his talent he can pull it off.


    what do you think????

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