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  1. Originally posted by XERXES

    why include ages under 13...when you are supposuvely not allowed to register unless your at least 13?


    well i didn't know that.


    seriously there are girls that goes here. man that GANSTA!!! how old are they???


    and so what if sttct is taken, whats her man got to do with me. so ladies don't hesitate to press that PM button. ha ha soundin' like a pimp right about now.



    StormHammer you're 35 years old. damn i taught i was old. i got to give you props for staying true to yourself.

  2. well i just turned 20 a couple of weeks ago so i'm thinking i'm kinda too old to go here. so i just want to know the majority of the people's age so i can compare myself whether i'am or not.



    and also is there any girls that goes here???? just wondering. if there are come HOLLA at me and PM me.:D

  3. i just love this avatar so much. by the way sivy b let me use it so its cool ( i didn't steal it ). i was thinking of making it to an avatar before but i didn't know how. so sivy b beat me to it.




    sivy b i have a question, i want to use this video but i can't play it with quicktime. i can play it with either real one or windows media player, but it doesn't go frame by frame like quicktime does. is there a way around that.

  4. hey does anybody know where i can get the 1.04 no-cd patch for jedi outcast. because i deleted i file by mistake and there was an error in my game. so i reinstalled it back and the game is fine now. but its been a long time since i've downloaded that patch and i forgot where i got it from.


    so someone please help. it will be gladly appreciate.

  5. Originally posted by Padanime



    and lburna, i found the file at natalieportman.com.




    are you sure thats were you got the yoda scene from. it seems like all the videos from there is natalie related. give me the name of the video. or maybe theres another site where i can get the yoda scene.

  6. i've seen steeve-o, cky2k & cky3. basically its a bunch of white kidz doing some crazy sh1t but its funny as hell though. seriously something is wrong with them. they showed steve-o staple his nuts to his leg. that is sick!!!!!!


    but i don't know if its worth paying 9 buck too see it. maybe if i got in for free or sneak in the movies then i'll watch it.

  7. yeah, ofcourse we are not here for our avs or sigs i'm just suggesting things that would be easier for us av makers. its not like i want to put a whole movie in my av, i'm just saying to increase the limitation to the extent were it don't hurt the loading time dramatically.


    i think the loading time here is fine. do you guys check out the forums down at file network i don't see anybody complaining about the loading time over there. the av limit there are 100x100 and up to 40,000 kb. but that place is boring, i hardly go over there. lucasforums is the place to be.



    and yeah it do sux for the 56kers out there, but christmas is coming guys, better ask santa for a cable modem.


  8. Originally posted by yadu

    ya, thanks guys!


    -LBuRNa my av has 8 frames in it only because of the stupid 20000 mb rule, before it had about 11 but it was something like 20700.


    my avatar has 23 frames. maybe because i use optimize and i also reduce the colors to the extent where it doesn't mess up the quality of my av. try that, you can save alot more memory and probably be able to add more frames.



    don't use copy use the printscreen key. printscreen is a button located in the keyboard that lets you copy the screen in your comp.

  9. even though x-box have better graphics than ps2, ps2 overall is still the best. maybe because ps got better games. look at gamecube for example since its main target is young kidz its doing really bad. they should have more range of varieties of games. then they can probably be up there with ps & xbox.



    best system of all time has to be nintendo without a doubt.




    systems that i have:





    super nintendo

    sega saturn





  10. first thing yo do, open a video (any video you have in your comp) with quicktime. let it pay for a sec. stop it if you want to but don't exit out. minimize it.


    then go to the site and open the video file that you want. go to the scene that you want. pause it and then hit the printscreen key. now you can paste it to paint and the image should be there.


    i don't know why but it works. i use to have the same problem when i started making avs and i found out about this method and it worked.

  11. i know exactly what you are talking about. when you paste it to paint (or whatever you use) you just see a blank image, right. that use to happen to me before.


    ok i found out how to solve that problem. everytime you get a video that doesn't let you save it, try this method.


    first open any video with quicktime. and then open the video you want from the site with a new player. then now you can press the printscrn button and hopefully it'll show up.

  12. i didn't kow what you meant by that at first. if you mean you can't save it, then no you can't. but why do you need to, as long as you can watch it and put each frame in movie gear you can just crop them as if it was a fullscreen video. plus the quality of the videos is good so you really can't tell the difference if you got it from a fullcreen video or not.

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