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  1. So I'm guessing this is why I haven't seen you on MSN? Your computer is a slut you know..... just beat the b*tch a few times and she'll work P.S. Email me or some **** like that...
  2. screenshots screen1 screen2 screen3 screen4 screen5 screen6 screen7 screen8 screen9 screen10 screen11 screen12 screen13 screen14
  3. you should make the triangles those "limbs" are on a lot bigger. It's a huge pole with some green sticking out of it
  4. and the shots: http://www.lkmods.net/tmp/mon/Endor_11.jpg
  5. Oh.. it was just Firefox. We should let Thrawn have his thread back now.. *hands Thrawn his thread*
  6. hmm.... never recieved them. Try sending them again.
  7. His head, hair, glasses, and coat are all wrong in certain places.
  8. why do people keep rating him out? I never did fugure out why he was banned in the first place...
  9. hmm..... odd indeed... I'll be looking out for the shots Monsoon:)
  10. What ever happened to that "other project"?
  11. ...and as dogy said, you have to model it.
  12. You could go to freewbs and get some space or you could send your screenshots to me and I'll put them up on my webspace. I'll PM you my email if you're interested.
  13. Lil Killa


    Who is she? (I know it's Meryl but who is that)
  14. It will be at least a month. They'll come with the rest of the stuf I'm making. @Rasin - I thought about that but as I can't find a way to really add something and have it fit fell with the rest of the model I'll probably leave it as it is. There is only one thing I would think to add and that would be a chunk of armor on the underside of the gun barrels near the body but not connected to the body. I think I'll just stick with it the way it is @Ninja - Thanks I got Thrawn[numbers] to fix it up some and now it looks a lot better IMHO. http://www.lkmods.net/tmp/sp/webe.jpg
  15. ok got the sentry bot pretty much skined. I know it's not the best but I tried ANY Comments and escpecially suggestions are welcome!
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