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  1. ok I know this one is off topic but where else to get JEDI KNIGHT player opinions on another game. who has played star wars galaxy from since its inception and still plays it? Who has picked it up recently with all the new stuff like jump to lightspeed and the fact that you can choose to be either republic or empire now.... is the combat like kotor? im interested in playing it but only if its worth the payment a month..
  2. I'd rather play an rpg like story ala kotor with FPS/3rd person mechanics... instead of kotor's combat. Like how deus ex did it. deus ex was an RPG, but played from first person, and it had alot of content/dialogue and a good story, but the action was directly controlled by you. I wish i could jump in kotor heh...its annoying running everywhere so slowly. They made kotor 2 but what says they are focusing on the kotor series? is there a 3rd one in the making that you are saying this?
  3. why no more Jedi Knight games? Do they not sell well? did they not sell well? I'd like to see a new game with todays graphics/sounds more animations etc.... with a good story it'd be cool...
  4. you need to get with the times son. don't whine because you have a 5 year old pentium 450 or some crap. people buying computers these days are not going to buy much less than at least 2.2ghz so you can raise the sys requirements, then people like you can either keep playing duke nukem, or you can upgrade. when cd roms first came out and games for cd roms first released like wing commander, wing commander 3 sold millions of copies. Geist sold millions of copies...and cd rom drives were brand new.
  5. i thought no one was replying to this anymore. i stopped gettin email notes. now i know why, someone in their wisdom decided to alter the topic. anyhow, anyone having played galaxies and kotor, which combat system is more fun? or are they just very very similar with only minor nuances different?
  6. im getting kotor , is it really must play or is watching close up of characters talkingnot really that fun...
  7. everquest is a fairly old engine now isnt it...
  8. come on seriously.....i have not played it, i have only seen screenshots and this jedi video thing. i have not really even read about it or followed it. im not interested in paying 15 a month to play this game. so i know nothing of it...so my above question still applies...
  9. bump the sys requirements up to 1.7 ghz and done, who has <700 mghz anymore? that is turn based? i thought all combat in sw galaxies was real time? well heck, who knows then...but i think some braniac developer could do a better system of fps dueling for jedi knight series. that combat if it is turn based looks even better than the one in kotor...the one in kotor, seen on videos didn't look as fluid to me, it looked near as twitchy and sudden as i was talking about.
  10. did anyone see the video of jedis dueling in galaxy???? it looks awesome, the collision detection is so much better...it looks as if light sabers are actually...hitting. much better engine than the aging quake 3 engine. i wonder if another incarnation of jedi knight is to be released if it will use the doom 3 engine and if they will make for more things possible. how the players moved looked fluid too. i find in jedi knight the character tends to make fast twitches ...but they have this engine modelled to reflect the physics of swinging and weight and stuff.
  11. thats what made deus ex so good. it was rpg roots played with first person controls. i would have loved a game like Kotor which gave you the direct control over your character like in Jedi Knight series...
  12. also dye you say you seem to get killed in one off hits. if you'll notice, both in JO and JA there are certain times when the two sabers connect that yours or the other fellows its thrown aside,,, or way off into the air from the force of the blow....and this leaves you open, imagine a guy with two sabers, the first making you parry in what i described above and then while open the second one comes in a split second later. i believe this could be responsible for your premature dying as I too have noticed this. on a last note, i find it much easier to fight multiple of the most elite jedi in the game at once with them using staff or dual sabers, then i do when they use single sabers. i also find it easy to just saber throw a staff saber wielder to death....they dont find it so easy to block when throwing at their feet.
  13. since Ive been here I like spider AL. he seems respectfull and intelligent most of the time, im not sure why he has chosen to be so sarcastic as far as this discussion goes.. but anyway, i think the problem is not that the single saber is nerfed in any way...but just as was stated, that it is easier to just click fest with a dual or saber staff because of all the spinning, and with 2 blades in each case, it has a longer reach in terms of strike distance, and a double effect. where as one blade might miss, the other one is going to come around soon and hit. i said that to say that these sabers just make things easier for a player, especially a new player or old players who still are not that good with a single saber. therefore they go with the easy solution of the dual and staff. you just have to be really skilled with the single to compete with them, and realise they have two and you have one...and fight to suit accrobatics and out manouvering have a lot to play. remember your not just trying to swing your side at them from the front expecting you'll get a hit or a damaging hit and expect to win... your point is to move to the side, and slash where there saber is not, and the next best thing is it will only be partially deflected. it seems to me like you wish you could just use the single saber and swing and hit. no matter where you swing, if you go head on slashing away...but remember what i said above...you'll always lose in that circumstance. if you want to be traditional like me...and i use the single...then dont just press the left mouse button while moving into an enemy. the only disadvantage it has is one blade. however, if raven find something they think they can do with any mechanic of it...i leave that to them
  14. ok let me see if I can explain this well. In the demo when you do the mission which has the dark jedi in it, where you stop them stealing force power from a jedi tomb. Your character has level 3 of the core powers... push, pull, saber offense and defense. ok now in choosing my character I choose one which uses the strong style. When I get to the game, I press L and it switches to blue, then when I press L again, it flicks to yellow very briefly and back to and stays on blue. it won't go through the styles... in choosing the strong style, was it supposed to be able to use strong only and not be able to switch? now I chose strong style and did the other mission with chewie, it stays on strong style and cant be switched to light or medium. all well and good. so I setforceall 3. And I switch, I press L once, and my stance changes to the yellow stance but it still shows the bar as red for the saber stance in the force meter window. and when I swing the saber in this weird mode, (showing red stance selected, but your hilt is by your side like medium stance) anyhow when i swing the saber, it swings like a fast red stance, and a slow yellow. meaning it swings faster than how strong how would swing, but slower than yellow would go. and I am unable to switch between blue yellow and strong....is it possible to do this once you have learned all three styles in the full game? if so why is it that you pick a style to start with? or do you start with a default style in the full game? also when this weird stuff is happening, and I set forceall to 3, the blue stance swings the same fast way but it swings slightly different than normal. are these quirks in the full game? everything in the demo works fine when i choose the stance, the stance speeds match those of JO in that case...but when it comes to switching and switching back.
  15. someone has been playing splinter cell? personally id like a game with the engine or same gameplay mechanics of jedi knight but with a long involved galaxy hoping story line along the lines of the globe hopping story line in Deus Ex... i dont like games like final fantasy anymore so KOTOR wont do.
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