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  1. If you're still going to0 play SWTOR and need people to play with you can find most of the old DS crew over at crimsonnova.org We are pulling NOVA, END and ISF all into one guild. Should be a great time!

  2. Not That i need it or something But im a bit stuck in mokey island :D but im still trying
  3. Thanks guys... im gonna go off right now and play on.... thanx again!!
  4. euh... i am playing Monkey island 1 at this time.... but eh... how do you save the game and how in blazing do you quit the game.... my comp always goes overboard..... so can anybody tell me?? i know it is a stupid question to you.. but from someone like me it is very important :D
  5. It is ok ... i understand. Ok i will look for the first 3 than.. oh and thanx for the info
  6. well believe me im nuts.. in a good way that is:D. and I WILL play monkey island..... i promise
  7. hahahahhahahhaha ok........ right.... and i thought people on my board were weird lol J/K.
  8. Well i NEVER played it before but it looked very fun.... but i never came around to it.
  9. That is ok... I play a lot of Star Wars games tho.. but i also like the adventure games from Lucas Arts.... i dont own them all.... the only one i own is Grim Fandango.... ma i love that game... i played it like 6 or 7 times now.... i realy like it.... but i would like to try the Monkey island games once... they look like like fun. well... ok. at least i know what this is all about then. lol
  10. Well hello you all..... My name is Wraith 9 (as you can see) and since the joined forums are here i just wanted to know what was going on on other forums.... so: WHAAATTTSSS UUUUPP!! So what is this forum about??? because the name MixnMojo doesnt say much to me !! (sorry for not knowing ) Im guessing it is some sort of game . but what kind ? I usualy go to to Rogue Squadron and Galactic Battlegrounds. But i am just curious....... Well it has been nice knowing you all.. im going on to another forum to see what is going on there... but ill be back... CYA! -Wraith 9-
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