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  1. Not That i need it or something But im a bit stuck in mokey island :D but im still trying
  2. Thanks guys... im gonna go off right now and play on.... thanx again!!
  3. euh... i am playing Monkey island 1 at this time.... but eh... how do you save the game and how in blazing do you quit the game.... my comp always goes overboard..... so can anybody tell me?? i know it is a stupid question to you.. but from someone like me it is very important :D
  4. It is ok ... i understand. Ok i will look for the first 3 than.. oh and thanx for the info
  5. well believe me im nuts.. in a good way that is:D. and I WILL play monkey island..... i promise
  6. hahahahhahahhaha ok........ right.... and i thought people on my board were weird lol J/K.
  7. Well i NEVER played it before but it looked very fun.... but i never came around to it.
  8. That is ok... I play a lot of Star Wars games tho.. but i also like the adventure games from Lucas Arts.... i dont own them all.... the only one i own is Grim Fandango.... ma i love that game... i played it like 6 or 7 times now.... i realy like it.... but i would like to try the Monkey island games once... they look like like fun. well... ok. at least i know what this is all about then. lol
  9. Well hello you all..... My name is Wraith 9 (as you can see) and since the joined forums are here i just wanted to know what was going on on other forums.... so: WHAAATTTSSS UUUUPP!! So what is this forum about??? because the name MixnMojo doesnt say much to me !! (sorry for not knowing ) Im guessing it is some sort of game . but what kind ? I usualy go to to Rogue Squadron and Galactic Battlegrounds. But i am just curious....... Well it has been nice knowing you all.. im going on to another forum to see what is going on there... but ill be back... CYA! -Wraith 9-
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