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  1. well my guild is already busy with trying to get rid of the rebel ocupations on most planets. but with the CU i ight go more to PVP especially since i just reached master bounty hunter. i wanna kill some jedi
  2. oh right. totally forgot about that im only novice mdic. Bounty Hunter 3-2-4-0. ill change my signature later when im master. im close to BH carbine 3
  3. hehe i must warn you.. im changing my template i dropped doc and large parts of medic. im going master pistoleer and master bounty hunter. im aready 2-1-4-0 in BH. ofcourse the pistool tree for me was very easy with master pistoleer already the carbine tree is tougher. pitty is i wont be able to wear my stormtrooper armor when the CU hits cause its battle armor and i can only wear reconasance armor and assault armor. latah
  4. what do you mean that people are quittig is a lie? i know like 20 people who went to WOW and all of em quit already because after they hit level 60 its BOOORING! at least that is what they said. so it is not a lie. i talk to these people frequently
  5. yes i pre ordered aswel.. and im VERY glad it isnt a box set. it will be so much cheaper for me to not have a box set shipped over here and pay a double prize 5th of may
  6. i dont see what is so bad about SWG i love it now. and i love it when the CU will hit the biggest whiners are the people who think they are uber l33t. and have the profession stacking and grind xp like crazy. they are the people who win in PVP ALL THE TIME! those are the biggest whiners about te new changes... so far i dont see ANYTHING wrong withe CU and i KNOW i will still love this game.
  7. I made 2 new threads in the offtopic section for some SWG fun. First a SWG caption. where you can make a nice caption ona screenshot. go to this thread for that http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=147597 second a SWG trivia. some questions that you can only find inside SWG and sometimes you have to look for the answer. you can find the link here: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=147598 have fun
  8. I thought we could set up some SWG trivia. the rules are as follows. I will ask a question. you will answer and if you KNOW its the right one you can ask another question. ill try to it in phases like in 20 questions ill see who has had most answers right ok the first question: Q: How does Trackan Sal Solo look in SWG? Bonus if you can provide a screenshot. HINT!: he is somewhere in Coronet.
  9. Hey people. ok i promissed i was gonna do this. and so im doing it now We can have our own caption on screenshots. Here are the rules. I will post these screenshot captions. i got a couple of my own sreenshots that are nice for Caption use. If you have a screenshot you definatly think is worthy for Caption use. mail it to me at the following e-mail adres. erikklasen@gmail.com I will post the first Caption. i will try to post a new caption every thursday. our own little thursday feature . you will have a week to post on it then i will make an end post wich ones are in the top 10. Caption 1: All Hail
  10. Wraith 8


    congrats you 2. oh and xero me to i havent flown in space for months now but thats because im to busy on the ground with things.
  11. i dont agree. it al depends on what you wanna do and how much patience you have. to give me as an example. for the last 2 years.. i had.... 5 professions. and the professions i have now i have for ... 1 and a half years so you could say im happy with what i have and i still play it and im not bored yet but if you take your time.. and explore the different professions. dont grind your way to something... find friends. make friends in cantina's get to know people.... explore worlds. do quests... get factions. you can play this game for more then 2 years now im trying to get a step closer to jedi. there are players who grind there in 13 weeks...... i been busy with it for the past... 7 months and im still not very close but i enjoy myself getting there. taking my time my advice: take your time ingame... and enjoy it. insetad of grinding your way there and be bored fast. Corzip
  12. i wish the trandoshans were as scary as they are in republic commando.. in that game they scared the creeps out of me
  13. sure.... Sintari Dantooine. Cantina in the cantina are 2 vendors there that sell the food and drink stuff. good stuff.
  14. focus and willpower is mind. you probably were under the influence of some brandy or canape or maybe even muon gold when you put the helmet on 1. get your armor sliced by a smuggler. that usually gets the stats down. find a master smuggler for that 2. take some brandy when you want to put on your armor. helps for me. brandy, canape and muon gold are excellent mind enhancers. but dont use MUON uness you are close to dying of your mind. 3. find a master musician and ask him/her to buff your secondairy mind stats. there sometimes there are Buff bots around. buffbots are players whp have macro-ed their char into buffing other players. just see what you have to do. most buff bots have a macro running that tells you how to get the buff thats it. hope it helped
  15. im sorry. there isnt, you would have to make a choce wich you want more. starships you can redeed. but other then that you cant. sorry
  16. ..... /shake.... if you hate this game so much and its messing or screwing up your personal feelings or lives even.... QUIT for godsake. you all know me. nothing really bothers me untill it hits me on a personal level but since day 1 people are whining. come on guys. dont you even get sick of hearing the same arguments over and over again? like i said quit .. please do... the constant whining about the jedi. is like constantly disagreeing with bush being president.... HE IS THERE HE AINT GONNA MOVE! LIVE WITH IT! same with jedi.... LIVE WITH IT! work your way around it. if not.. quit. its not that i hate your or dislike you all. i LOVE you guys. but im frankly getting sick and tired of the whining of people. I LOVE THIS GAME! I WILL NOT QUIT IT! SO PLEASE LET ME ENJOY IT! and about that personal thing that GF break up with the dudes..... thats the dudes fault NOT THE GAME! i have a GF aswell. and i know when its time to shut down the comp. X'ero.... your gonna quit? if so please say so. i like yah and all. but if your gonna quit im not gonna stick my neck out getting you into the guild. im sorry but then its just a waste of my time. so please tell me. Corzip
  17. 1. hell yeah. i just finished collecting my faction points and i got a complete stormtrooper armor set and it looks amazing 2. no sorry. there is a ISD ingame.. in deep space JTL expansion. bt you have to be overt and pretty good pillot to visit that area. 3. yes you can. there is a grey uniform with cap you can wear wiich you will look like an imperial officer. there are tailors who make the black suits you see in te movies but there is no black cap yet. but with the new combat uograde there will be more armor available like the scout trooper armor. hope that answers/convinces you (p.s. come to starsider if you ever do. great imp community)
  18. dont have a char on interpid. i have on many others tho. even a few professions i never explored further but my main is still starsider
  19. one of these is enough closing this one because it isnt really a development question or dicussion
  20. ok ill sign up on bloodfin..... TO HELP THE EMPIRE!!!! LONG LIVE PALPATINE! we will crush the rebellion dont worry i wont. im to busy trying to destroy rebels on starsider... problem is they spawn to many bases to fast for me to destroy but 1 of these is enough. so i closed the other one.
  21. @ mccusto: i agree. roleplay is cool. i been collecting a lot of faction perks. and roleplaying some guard duty... defend duty... and im roleplaying im the official liaison for the Royal Security forces on naboo for the imperials so i fight maulers... go against the hutts on Naboo what i dont agree on with you is the GCW... i LOVE it... i can finally be overt without being owned all the time (im master doc with pistoleer) i love my template SO much.. i will not give it up for a long time. and its not good against all these Melee dudes who think they OWNZ ROXXORZ and are so damned L33T. (note: i hate those kind of people. sorry ) this is much more fun.. its just dangerous to go into a rebel or imperial controlled planet. its only the 3 major ones you should worry about tho. right now on starsider its going good for the rebels.but my guild has been fighting back like crazy destroying bases and i do agree with you on the GIVING part. my guild gives EVERYTHING to eachother if they need it. i had someone asking me to get some free sets of armor for him... i declined on that. i love this guild and im not gonna betray it like that. but if you need like some armor or a new pistol just ask. ofcourse you can also buy it at the many shops.(cheap prices) i love this game
  22. tough one. Galaxies for me comes close. butthere has been a few i really thought were remarkable. Command and Conquer. (almost all off em) Rollercoaster tycoon Transport tycoon deluxe Carmageddon + splat pack the GTA series the delta force series a lot of the need for speed games these games have pllayed a big part of my world psst carmageddon is good for getting rid of your anger Wraith 8
  23. /whisper Star Wars Galaxies but i liked republic comando a lot aswell
  24. hmmm well ingame its the planet of Naboo.my character is from Naboo. and i lived there for many months and i love it. and yeah i agree with you. people want to be the best to fast. they dont stop and enjoy the game. explore. make friends. RP. i dont think i have yet seen 60% of most planets. and my favorite hunting place... hmmm well the best spot for xp and jides and stuff.. is still i think dantooine or Lok. lok is good for the novice advanced professions. but place... dont know.maybe some rebel bases
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