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  1. So what's your favorite game of the month? so many game to choose from if I just aske for game of the year...yeah that'll be way toooo hard to do. So there I made it real easy for you. Mine has to be Balder's Gate Dark Alliance, it just came out on GameCube, and it's been out on Ps2 and X-Box....any fans?
  2. Hey fellow Star Wars Fans....I have a question: what do u guys think about another epic movie being made into a video game? Although one could argue the video game is being based on the book. I'm excited about the game. i was on lordoftherings.com the other day reading up on game and so on. I just hope it does the book justice.
  3. hey ...i need help... i am looking for a new game with graphix and content.. fantasy based. i figured here would be a good place to ask... someone mentioned ENCLAVE.. anyone heard of it.. let me know thanks...
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