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  1. This thread is stupid. You're aware a company isn't an individual you should be mad at, right? A company is the sum of its employees and, in the case of the stuff I'm assuming you're thinking of, its management. When the management changes, bearing a grudge against a corporate entity is ridiculous. And if you see someone saying something like "I want to buy/like lucidity but I'm still mad at LucasArts" please feel free to slap them with a cheesegrater.
  2. Well in all fairness it was not his beautiful house.
  3. You should definitely make a competing game, then. It'll be easy, right?
  4. Hey, you guys may be interested to know that you can now pre-order the series on our website for 25% off ($26 USD). Also, there's a trailer up right now at http://videogames.yahoo.com and there'll be a playable demo on Monday, also at Yahoo!. Then the first episode will be available to download for season subscribers on Tuesday March 24! Whee! There's more info in my thread at the TTG forums here: http://www.telltalegames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7950
  5. Glad to hear the British approve of proper grounding
  6. A lot of the Gone Jackals' stuff is available for sale as MP3s now too: http://www.amazon.com/Bone-To-Pick/dp/B000QQZXWS and probably other places.
  7. Spyware replaces ads to collect the ad revenue. You replace ad code that pays the site owner with ad code for an account that pays you. Some ISPs even do this, although they usually insert extra ads, rather than replacing existing ones. Remember that your web traffic passes through many layers that you might not even know about on its way from origin server to your browser. Any of those can affect content before it reaches you.
  8. I believe that the Xbox controller connectors are effectively just misshapen USB connectors, so it's basically a straight-through connection as long as you know the pinout, so I think just about any one you buy should be okay. I just bought a cheap one on ebay and used some drivers from the web, and it works great.
  9. It's cancelled. http://www.adventuregamers.com/newsitem.php?id=459
  10. (testing the recent posts thingy on the main page)
  11. Heh... I just fixed that in time to see this post on the sidebar
  12. This is just a 2d test post
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