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  1. Wow... I was still trying to mod up to 2007? I'm sorry for reviving an old thread but I had to take a trip to Nostalgia City earlier today, after seeing some links on youtube for the now dead Dark Forces Mod... ...It's good to hear those guys are moving on. It's a lot of stress trying to keep a mod going on your own - but I hope someone picks it up for them. But I digress. I recently moved on, myself back in 2009 - but didn't officially announce it until about 4 months ago. Everything's explained in a bit more deatil in the Moddb link. Basically, after a few mild crashes, life changes and whatnot this is all that really survived: (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Since I was last posting on here - my job started paying well so it involved me working much more often - I traveled to UK and spent some time in Norway, finished some college and played Star Wars Galaxies up to the very end...yes. Had some good times and had some really messed up drama between guilds and such (seriously. GAME, people!) - Right now I'm just working hard, saving up a small fortune, working on a few small personal projects and staying healthy. How's everyone else been?
  2. I can agree with that... Star Wars was better with fewer Jedi and Sith, in my opinion. The political stuggle between the Empire and the Rebellion and how it affects the lives of the people in that universe, seemed to be much more important to the story than any religion. The Jedi/Sith seemed more like they should only have ever been on the sidelines influencing events slightly - Not blatanly jumping in front of the screen, with flashing lights and explosions, while projecting subliminally: "Buy my action figure." So, smuggler/mercenary/soldier/bounty hunter/spy. Yeah, it would be a welcome change, if done properly. (Dark Forces, still can't be beat, for it's time.) I played Star Wars Galaxies...a few times. eh. It's a step in the right direction, with those classes. Now, lets refine it with an actual story for a single-player campaign and we might have a winner.
  3. "Aw man, don't I atleast get a Chumbawumba song?" I seriously loved the way it was going. It definitely was becoming the best Jedi-anything Mod, when you consider everything that was put into it. The last few years have been killing me, as well, and I wish I could just re-do them...but dwelling on it isn't helping anyone... Thanks for the effort, Anthony - if that means anything.
  4. That's not entirely true... My earlier models were mostly re-shapes and re-skins of existing JO/JA models (that originally, I was only using for my mod - I figured it would be faster that way) - after awhile, I started, just making more and more things from scratch, which, eventually it turned out to be much more efficient, just doing it that way. Link, was a re-shape of the Jedi Trainer model, in it's early years. The latest release of Link was, just about, completely re-made. Ganondof was, really, the first, released model I made from the ground-up. Yes, I've bent the rules before, and used pre-existing models that came with the game (keeping it all within the same corporation, same game, same rules, ect.) - atleast I didn't use anything from another game or from another company's game (a purely console game), for that matter. I atleast tried to be creative. I haven't completely given up. I still have it all on my harddrive. I just recently, was bored one day and worked a bit more on it, now that you mention it. I need to re-do some of the cutscenes, due to changes in location and dialogue... If anything, when I finish with the first set of cutscenes, I'll probably release a movie of it.
  5. I'm an asshole for being right...
  6. Something incredibly stupid, and disappointing I need not say more...
  7. YAY! And it got JK3 file of the week! Thanks for the screenshots, Buffy.
  8. Well, that certainly took awhile... I'm releasing him now, I swear... ...I'd have it up on PCGameMods.com, now, but they're all f'ed up again for some reason... So, just wait until he's up on JK2Files.com Link not included - he's just there to model the updated weapons...
  9. Hey, everyone check it out: I think it's Marilyn Manson... ...from the future? Who knows.
  10. It was a vacation - or it was supposed to be... ...I'm back home now, regrouping, building up funds, before I commence with my original plan of going back the Twin Cities, where I EFFING belong! I went insane for a short while, and lost track of what I was doing...new places do that to me, when I don't have anything to remind me of who I am... ...I knew I should've brought my CD player along... Anyway, Link is now available at JK2files.com, get your Link on!... I think I'll be submitting him to LucasFiles, now.
  11. Link, is now ready for download: http://www.pcgamemods.com/mod/2795.html I kinda threw everything together, really fast, and didn't quadruple check, like I usually, do - because I'm leaving (on what I wish was a jet plane) and I don't know if I'll be back again. So, let me know if something's severely wrong.... ...and maybe I'll be able to do something about it. I just don't know where I'm gonna be, or what I'm doing in another week...
  12. Give it some time... ...Sh!t's happening, in real life... ...Hopefully I'll have it released before the monkeys start thowing it at the fan...
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