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  1. Ill see it mostly for Thor who's my favorite character in general and for Robert Downey Jr. The guy has become one of my favorite actors.
  2. I been gone for a while some neat things I have purchased have been: Tickets to North Coast Music Festival (fun time, didn't like having to stay in a hotel though) Playstation 3 and a whole lot of booze
  3. Film: I'd have to go with Jackass 3D Game: Going to have to go with Dragon Age: Origins Album: For Lack of a Better Name - Deadmau5 Show: Eastbound and Down
  4. RIP to both men Airplane! is probably my favorite movie
  5. Thanks man, but it's still not sticking, algebra is the only class that I pretty much can't do
  6. Can anyone help me with the following problems 25 over x - 21 over x-2 +2 =0 (x + 8)2 - 8(x + 8) + 15 = 0 Two television monitors sitting beside each other on a shelf in an appliance store have the same screen height. One has a conventional screen, which is 3 inches wider than it is high. The other has a wider, high-definition screen, which is 1.8 times as wide as it is high. The diagonal measure of the wider screen is 14 inches more than the diagonal measure of the smaller. What is the height of the screens, correct to the nearest 0.1 inch? car rental company offers two plans for renting a car. Plan A: $20 per day and 23¢ per mile Plan B: $60 per day with free unlimited mileage For what range of miles will plan B save you money? Give your answer as an interval (in miles). (Round the answer to the nearest lower whole mile.)
  7. Pretty good I browse a bit when I get a chance but usually I'm either working, discing, training, or partying. I agree though, it seems the swamp is just kind of limping along, while only a few threads manage to stay alive, what happened while I was gone?
  8. I find your overuse of smilies disturbing On topic, I pour concrete and make objects out of said concrete, including coffin vaults, so I also bury people.
  9. Watch some of the special features or commentary, I can't remember which but they creators keep talking about how it'd supposed to be a lost baby searching for it's mother. Good movie that really makes you feel for the characters.
  10. I just got all of Mindless Self Indulgence's Cd's and all that and Smoke Signals and Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  11. I suppose I'll make a guest appearance, how's it going people who probably don't know me.
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