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  1. seks03

    WIP: Hilt Pack

    close this thread, this project is dead
  2. seks03

    WIP: Horse

    sorry about the off topic post but what hapen with the trade fed & Geo fighter?
  3. We have posted some screens of sebulbas pod on our site today
  4. we are making it ffa/jkr THE CTF was the one that was already released. that one is what started all of this
  5. well it still in the very early stages, and as for the updtaes i will put them up in about 5mins. Duncan is really busy with lots of models so i dont know what the status on the pods are
  6. RenegadeOfPhunk - Were thinking of adding support, its not certain. and beside if we do use it you'll get credit for the code. that is used. isnt this code open source? (thats weird, I tried using the droid deka with my mod and it worked perfect. looks like i dont have to add support after all)
  7. it has been fixed, is that why the driod didnt apear?
  8. The model is now avaiable at our site. enjoy
  9. you can check out the beta test pictures on my site. theres 8 of them
  10. seks03

    WIP: Hilt Pack

    I hope not, why dosent he release what he already has?
  11. yes you can send it to us at jedimoves to post it good looking out ObiKast
  12. We at JediMoves.com would love to see this gun released. we are plannibg on making a weapons sections soon
  13. just got finished testing the droideka out, it worked great, the only problem with it was if you were trying to shot someone infront of you the camera view would move you in back of the droideka so that you couldnt see the target. But again other then that the droideka is amazing. The texture really looks sweet. Hey Duncann I was wondering if you were going to release the code so other mods can use the droideka? like our JediMoves JA+ mod And what is it that the mod does for the model, does it control the rolling? Thanks again Duncan for letting me take part in testing the vehicle
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