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  1. i nevrlayed it, but i heard some good things about the UT2003 engine...
  2. 1) It's hardly basic. 2) The Jedi Academt Mod is available at the download section of Forcefare Productions
  3. He how to do it: 1. Double click on your assets0 file which in your base directory. 2. It shouldn't open normally, but assign the file type to Winzip and it should open. 3. Extract all files to a folder on your desktop or somewhere. Ahhh crap late for school, maybe someone can finish me off...
  4. sounds like a mighty project, but idn't the Jedi School kinda the same as the Jedi Academy?
  5. he'll delete it soon. what is the point in advertising a competition with full intentions of cancelling it, knowing that if it was found out that it could lose the site lots of visitors?
  6. great job guys, i look forward to more wok in the future, maybe for JKIII...
  7. You are talking about the bespin air vanes where you say "i sense a disturbance in the force, but theres something strange about it" then the reborn says "you will die" fight fight fight "he looked and fought like a jedi, but his power felt so warped"
  8. well, look at it like the kaminians are the workers, and they have a different army (not the republic one)....
  9. are you gonna release the SP mod with it, or in a seperate zip file?
  10. you are right, that makes no sense. he is being critcial about GB and wants help with it
  11. well, its sunday and the only models on the horizon are two versions of Mace Windu. Maybe its the time zone...
  12. I think Inferiors refer to superiors as 'Master Surname' and Superiors to Inferiors 'Master Firstname' LIke at the end of AOTC, Yoda refers to OBi Wan as Master OBi-Wan and Dooku and Mace Windu 'Master Windu'
  13. Sorry if this has already been brought up, but I think there should be a Kaminion CIV. They have access to litterally any military unit (as they make them ) and in AoTC, you see one of them on that giant bird, which is similar to the Gungan fighter...
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