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  1. Might try the MD3 blender scripts available in the XreaL repository. http://sourceforge.net/projects/xreal
  2. Er ... what is going on here? I have written some blender scripts for importing to and from .glm format, if it's not too much trouble for you to figure out how to put them in your blender's .scripts folder and edit a path to your game directory (or other folder where you work on models.) humanoid models don't work, which is what anyone would ask me about, but I know that static .glm files work perfectly.
  3. He probably FTPs it on up to the server. What is it you do around here, razor? Look pretty? I'm only joking, don't kill me! Noooooooo!
  4. If it's your server, you are free to do as you please, so, yes, you win ANY argument about lame/laming/honor hands down, fantastic. Great. Everything you have suggested is plausible - it wouldn't be hard to come up with a 'invincible if saber down, or chatbox up' solution. Great. I'll bet it could be done, server side, so it'd be cvar controlled, so it'd be completely in the hands of the server admin. However, it'd be neat if the server browser could show if this cvar is enabled or not, so those of us who think such 'anti-laming-measures' are (pardon!) LAME can avoid these servers. You and I disagree, but there's no reason this can't be done in OJP.
  5. Could be a server side cvar that handles this setting - clients should be used to playing under whatever settings the server has - that's kind of a common thing.
  6. I have to say, that's a really cool model you've made. Excellent work
  7. Wudan

    Master Chief

    Guys, come on, it's cool that it was ported, but seriously ... ? Somebody took time to make that model in the first place, Microsoft owns it, it's not legal to distribute it to people who don't own Halo, so leave Gothix alone. I admire the work of graves and Tesla, and I thought it was a cool model, but it's nothing to flame anyone over ... unless you're petty. Oh well, my two pennies, commence flaming ...
  8. I met Terc waaaay back when I was only beginning to learn to program and chatted with him maybe 2 or 3 times, there really are so very few people around who put that kind of time and effort in to their work, and are nice people to talk to. Terc's a hell of a guy, from what I can remember, and he was going to let me code even though I didn't know how at the time - help from guys like him back in the day got me to where I am. Best of luck to Seka and Tercero
  9. Wudan

    New WIP's

    Zappa, you fail to make crucial distinctions: There is a difference between a finished, optimized, and well built model, and a quickly approximated, roughly built model. There's a difference, and I'm telling you, if you don't know the difference, you should take pause to consider the difference. I have no doubt that hatrus' work should be praised, but he needs to consider that it can be better. As a skilled artisan, he should be open to suggestions on how to perfect his craft. I admire his ability to turn out such nice models so quickly, but if his fellow modellers can tell there are underlying issues and poor construction, he should be open to their suggestions, which is the kind of suggestion Thrawn makes here.
  10. Wudan

    JA Dying?

    I think that unnamed and Ami are right. Mostly I agree with unnamed - we can't simply be driven by sheer numbers - more servers and more players doesn't really matter to me. What there should be is a list of known 'good' servers so that good players can play there. Maybe there already is one, I don't know. Basically, I don't need thousands of servers brimming with players to enjoy the game. All I need is one server, with maybe 4-10 players, on either FFA, TFFA, or CTF (maybe even Seige!) to play.
  11. Wudan

    JA Dying?

    The next month or so should be exceptionally good for players - mods that shake things up are moving along - OJP , MovieBattles, ForceMod 3 and my as yet undisclosed mod. With so many mods going forward, I have a hard time seeing how JA is dying ...
  12. Got, the idea behind making a mod isn't to keep gameplay the same - it's to change it, which RoP has done. Before you poo-poo his idea of good gameplay, give it a try.
  13. ROFL It's a problem with the game in general, OJP hasn't fixed it, but ... was it absolutely the most important thing on their list of things to do? I guess it all depends on your perspective ...
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