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  1. The Sam n' Max Prequel RPG! ---------------------------------------------------------------- It's a sunny morning in the United States of America, and we zoom in from that to 'Mount Rushmore'. We see the four cartoony heads of previous presidents and ... on top of Washington's head is a little bunny! He's grinning! He grabs a rope that is tied to his foot, and bungee jumps off the monument. "Wait a second! I didn't tie the rope to anything!" says the bunny, as he approaches the ground. He feels a sharp tug on his ears and winces a bit... he cracks open one eye, then the other, and sees a dog wearing a Fedora. "Is that a Fedora on your head?" asks the bunny. "I think it's a Stetson," replies the dog. "My name's Max! Thanks for rescuing me!" "I'm Sam! I'm running a new business - a detection agency if you will - and you're just the type of bunny I'm looking for!" "You mean with pointed-teeth and wit to boot?" "No I mean the kind of bunny who owes me... owes me big. Now let's go get to work... someone's in trouble somewhere. Let's check the office and see if we have any messages." "Whatever you say Sam!" (The adventures continue......)
  2. Why does Crazy_Dog No. 3 show up as banned? He still posts! I could not find anything that answered my question.
  3. I haven't heard that it is positively coming out. Apparently the company who was making it tanked. Who's in charge now, and when will Sam N Max 2 be out?
  4. Crouth woke up - 20 years later - and realized that something was different. Crouth is now an android! Wondering what happened, Crouth looks down to discover if he/she is a male or a female android, and determines...
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