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  1. my first 'job' would be working for my dad. doing various stuff for him, pays pretty well. :]
  2. read his post, not only did he voice his anti-semetic opinion, he thinks the jews deserve it because of their 'pointless' attacks on lebanon. thats why i said it. and sorry if my posts seemed offensive, but how would you like it if someone went ahead and said "hey, because your jewish you need to die."
  3. also, in all the years i've been viewing this board... this is the worst thread i've seen. nancy, you are posting on a starwars game forum, and you are seeing who else shares the same views as you... deleted. also, lebanon had been hitting israel with rockets, so israel gave them the same treatment. don't think jews need to be eradicated because they wanna stop getting hit with rockets, deleted.
  4. oh wow, what a ****ing offensive thread. what was going on in your mind when you made it?
  5. this is a goddamn good game. i developed my own strategy on normal mode to get silent assassin on new life, but it didn't work on expert. it made me sad.
  6. holy hell triple post.. i'm sure this isn't abiding by the rules of these forums..
  7. ...things such as combat, or hitting a storage thingy. i can't move at all for a while, and i can't move during combat. the combat move option is checked, still no go though. e/ not to mention it automatically targets and attacks enemies after i've killed, say 1.. very annoying.
  8. i am annoyed, i demand your address, phone number, and real name. <3
  9. my christmas list is as follows: sony psp: http://www.ebgames.com/ebx/product/241869.asp $249.99 socom game for psp: http://www.gogamer.com/cgi-bin/GoGamer.storefront/SESSIONID/Product/View/006SOC $29.90 and a carrying case for the psp: http://www.ebgames.com/ebx/product/255718.asp $9.99 and i suggest you get your games off gogamer.com, you wouldn't realise how good they are. socom is $10 less there than on ebgames. and all the games are cheaper.
  10. i suggest you rip the hands off of a default JKA model and edit it from there. your hands are very tiny.
  11. whenever i quit out of TSL, my desktop gets very bright. whats the fix for this?
  12. i had the same type of thing, i wasn't immobilized though. what happened was i randomly dreamt i was being chased by wolves, and one bit my leg. at that point i woke up, i felt nausious (sp?) and my leg hurt like hell.
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