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  1. another update! We have now grown to a 41 members clan! You may think that wow! only 3 since last update? Yes, because we have a rather strict and discipline criteria on choosing our members. This is not an everyone-public-clan! this is a community where many of us considered to be our home in the virtual world. We have all become friends, and some even like families! Therefore, we have to choose carefully... If you are interested to become part of this community, and not just slashing and killing each other type of clan, send me an email or check out Jedi of Old Code in any search engine, you should be able to find us with little problem See you soon!
  2. Greetings! If any clans out there are interested in a friendly inter-clan saber challenge, please kindly email me at ric_dsunga@jediofoldcode.com! We always welcome outside friends for arranging joint-events!
  3. Just an update from JOC! We now have 38 members, and 90% of them are active! If you are interested to have fun, and would like to experience in life within the Star Wars Universe, please come visit us!! Jedi of the Old Code welcomes you!!
  4. Thank you Jenkins. Aside from recruiting, we are also interested to invite other clans to participate in some of our RP event or saber challenge tournament. If you are interested, please email me at ric_dsunga@jediofoldcode.com!
  5. Greetings Friends, My name is Ric D'Sunga, Jedi Master and Councilor of Jedi of the Old Code. If you are interested to learn about the path of becoming a Jedi, or if you are interested to role-play within the Star Wars universe, please kindly check out our website and see if you are interested to become part of this community. We have our own dedicated server which can host up to 29 players at once, and each members will be given your own jediofoldcode email address! Hope to see you inside the Jedi Temple soon! and May the Force be with you all always! P.S. yes, we are a JKA based clan Sincerely, Ric D'Sunga Jedi Master & Councilor Jedi of Old Code
  6. Just an update on JOC! We have upgraded our server! It can now host 29-players at once with excellent speed!! As for anyone who is interested to join us, instead of sending your email directly to the 3 division heads listed above, please visit Jedi of Old Code ! and click on "recruitment"!! We now have 37 members at the moment!! For any outside clans, if you are interested to organize any join event, please feel free to visit us and make a post at our Forum!! Hope to see you in our server soon!!
  7. Just to remind you that, Jedi of the Old Code is still recruiting, and we have grown in size after almost six months! If you are interested to experience the path of becoming a Jedi, please visit our website at Jedi of the Old Code !!! Hope you will find it interesting!!
  8. If you have any question about our clan, please feel free to email me at ric_dsunga@jediofoldcode.com! Sincerely, Ric D'Sunga Jedi Master & Councilor Jedi of Old Code http://www.jediofoldcode.com
  9. http://www.jediofoldcode.com You may want to check us out, nevertheless, we are a light-sided RPing clan, not sure if it suits you though. if you have more question about us, feel free to email me at ric_dsunga@jediofoldcode.com. Sincerely, Ric D'Sunga Jedi Master & Councilor Jedi of Old Code
  10. Greetings Friends! Our website and forum are both up and running!! Thanks to Knight Tzuriel Azar! Please any of you, if you have time, drop by! http://www.jediofoldcode.com For any clans outside, if you are interested to have a game with us, send your ambassador or any diplomatic representatives to contact us! You are all always welcome!!! Sincerely, Ric D'Sunga Jedi Master & Councilor Jedi of Old Code
  11. Agree with BigTeddyPaul, there are many many clans out there, and it is very difficult to judge who is good and not good... it really depends on what is your preference... We are the "new" RPG clan that BigTeddyPaul has mentioned, if you are interested in role-playing within the Star Wars universe, feel free to visit us at http://www.jediofoldcode.com! Sincerely, Ric D'Sunga Jedi Master & Council Member Jedi of Old Code
  12. Dear Friends, Our forum is up and running already, we welcome all potential candidates or outside clans to register at our forum. Feel free to exchange idea or even invite us to any of your clan event, or if you clan would like to participate in any of our RP event, please let us know as well!! http://www.jediofoldcode.com Hope to see you all soon! Sincerey, Ric D'Sunga Jedi Master & Council Member Jedi of the Old Code
  13. Hello Friends! Great to see you both!! Yes, numbers of us have decided to create something of our own. Have you registered to our forum yet? you should, so that you can keep in touch with events that we are hosting... http://www.jediofoldcode.com We should think of some events together pals, or just come play with us in our server as guests! We have rented a powerful server! If you guys need any help or anything as well, please let us know! Sincerely, Ric
  14. Dear Friends, Greetings! Jedi of the Old Code is now recruiting. www.jediofoldcode.com JOC is created by a group of former members of the Knights of Alderaan (a former JKII clan). The main purpose of this clan is to create an environment where everyone can truely enjoy being part of something and a story within the Star Wars universe which you can have full control of (outcome of each RP events/missions will determine the direction of the main story plot). We are looking for candidates that are dedicated and determined to become a true Jedi... learn the way of the Force, and the fighting skills that are needed to survive in each adventure... You will start off as an initiate who lives inside the Jedi Temple... then depending on your performance and your willingness to learn, you will be chosen by a Jedi Knight or a Jedi Master, as their Padawan Learner... finally, when the time comes, you will face your destiny - the Knighthood trial... Will you ever have chance to be chosen as a member of the Jedi Council? to run this Order? yes of course... but this is a truely difficult path... only if you have the will and determination to serve others... In order to increase the fun of this game and the unpredictability, we welcome outside clans to participate in some of our RPing events or missions, and to take part in our story. Or, if you want us to help you out in playing any parts of your story, please let us know as well! JOC is a truely globalized clan, we have members from around the globe... US, Canada, UK, Sweden, Australia and Hong Kong... want to meet friends from different region? We also have a powerful high speed dedicated server (24/7)which can host 24 players at once (it will be upgraded to 30 or even more depending on the numbers of members we have)! Furthermore, each member will receive their own email account XXXXX@jediofoldcode.com... If you think the above mentioned are interesting and want to know more? Please feel free to contact us at the website listed above, or to the following Council Members: If you are based in North America, please contact our Head of America Division: palarious_finx@jediofoldcode.com If you are based in Europe, please contact our Head of European Division: isil_ohtar@jediofoldcode.com If you are based in Asia or Australia, please contact our Head of Asia/Australia Division: siraious_altear@jediofoldcode.com Any former KA members, if you are interested to join us, please let us know! We will allow you to start off from your original rank within this Order!! Just let us know! or if you have doubts or issues or questions, please contact me or Tzuriel! ric_dsunga@jediofoldcode.com tzuriel_azar@jediofoldcode.com May the Force be with you all always... ***Please note that no members can have dual membership of any Jedi Academy related game clan*** Hope to see you all soon! Sincerely, Ric D'Sunga Jedi Master & Council Member Jedi of the Old Code
  15. Clan/Team Name: Jedi of Old Code Structural Leadership: Jedi Council - currently have 7 Council Members, each Council Members will be rotated to be the Chair of the Council each month, mainly to initiate events, sort out issues... Founder: Several former members of the Knights of Alderaan Tag: JOC Accepting Members: Yes Ladder: eventually we will... Type: a truely Globalized Clan with members from around the world Alignment: Light-Side Jedi Main Game Type: FFA, Role-Playing Website: http://www.jediofoldcode.com Recruitment/Personnel Forum: palarious_finx@jediofoldcode.com if you base in North America; isil_ohtar@jediofoldcode.com if you base in Europe; siraious_altear@jediofoldcode.com if you base in Asia or Australia Other Contact Info: ric_dsunga@jediofoldcode.com or tzuriel_azar@jediofoldcode.com Requirements: mature attitude, honest, polite, want to make friends around the globe (we have members from US, Europe, Australia and Asia) and if possible a starwars fan. Brief Background: set up by several former members from the Knights of Alderaan. We focus on character development. There is a main story plot (200 years after the ROTJ) of the Order where everyone can help to develop by participating in RP events/missions (the outcome of these events/missions determine the development of our story), but members can also help create side-stories or their own stories from time to time to generate extra fun in the game play. We also prefer to interact with outside clans, invite different clans into our RP events/missions or to have dueling competition with each other. Others: We have a first class dedicated server which allows 24 players playing at once, with exceptional speed, set up for 24/7.
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