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  1. Your parents made a mistake. They mixed glass with plastic.
  2. I used a program called screenography for mac then saved it as a MPG file.
  3. Zell


    I just happened to stumble upon this; http://www.iam8bit.net/store/art.htm Or more accurately this Steve Purcell I Hunger acrylic on board 7 x 13 inches Sold $600
  4. Zell

    Sam & Max comeback!

    Dude, he's a Sith-guy, and a dark one at that (who am I to doubt his title). He already knows about the other thread...
  5. Zell

    Sam & Max 2: 3

    Awesome. Awesome to the max.
  6. I thought of carpet bombing it first. Stop stealing my ideas. How petty.
  7. You are just jealous that you didn't post it first. How petty.
  8. http://www.ebaumsworld.com/games/swedish.html An enjoyable flash game with clear influences. It's not overly funny, but you should at least enjoy the homages.
  9. It's good if you hate everything. If you hate everything you can't be accused of being prejudiced towards one party.
  10. This love-hate relationship is jarring all of my senses.
  11. I can’t stand calling you badrelgnsf, so I will call you something less annoying. You are now joey jojo jr. Now joey, I understand you are new here, and may have missed some vital information. First off, pull your head in. Reread your post and you will realise that your demeanour is the equivalent a pre pubescent teen bragging about his first pube. You seem to be well informed about Purcell, and when you type you appear to have at least half a brain (which is more then most internet users, myself included) thusly you could be helpful around here. To rectify your situation there Joey, just modify your attitude: change it from naïve ass to quite overachiever. It will do you a world of good. My second and final point is not to piss of Sean. He’s a good guy, underneath his gruff, homoerotic, wife beating, macho, jive talking exterior. He knows a hell of a lot about Purcell and can either be your worst enemy or, well, a neutral party.
  12. Oh no, what will I do without its spiritual guidance. I may have to take up religion.
  13. Read other threads before posting.
  14. Oh my god that made me laugh. Also, your inbox is full of goat porn.
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