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  1. Argh, Leeroy Jenkin's was so boring. Wow, he shouted, wow, he ran into a room, oh noes, monsters. Overrated. Now fps doug, thats funny.
  2. Damn graphics card, it seems everything that actually needs one wants to come along when I have a faulty one. Hurry and arrive you damn 9600.
  3. I'll do this once I get my new graphics card, I can't figure out any of the pictures in 4-bit colour and huge white lines going down my screen.
  4. You can read about the graphics card here. Thats where i ordered it from, I got it from a different seller so it might be a bit more expensive because you'll have to get it from amazon itself. But I'd hurry, theres only four left. But I haven't got it yet, should arrive in a day or two. I can't wait to get my computer up and running again, even if it'll be slower than before. Anthony : It's Windows Xp Pro, I have the theme set on windows classic, if I use the windows xp themes, most things are difficult to read, and if I try to do a search I can't read the text.
  5. Heh, I'm lucky I had some money spare to buy that card, otherwise I wouldn't of been playing games for a few months. I'm suprised it still boots normally! At least I can still visit here and go on msn.
  6. It'll take me ages to get a new card, I need me a job dangit. Anyways, if you want to see my fantastic desktop, here it is.
  7. Heh, I just figured that out about 5 minutes ago. I uninstalled the graphics card drivers - Same problem. I uninstalled the card completelely - same problem. I flashed the bios - Same gibberish text, but windows finally managed to start up properly. Installing graphics card drivers is impossible, computer restarts when I try to install any kind of drivers. So as a temporary solution I've ordered a £44.00 pound ATI Radeon 9600. It's not the best card in the world but until I can fix my old graphics card, it's the only solution for me. But to be honest I'm glad that i'm getting rid of it, fps in games was random, some games it was up in the hundreds and others in the 20s, most drivers were horrible and messed up the graphics. I'm making sure my next graphics card after my temp one is going to be an ATI one, I'm sure of that. And sorry if theres lots of spelling mistakes, it's really hard to type in 640x480 and 4 bit coloring. So I guess for the next few days I'm just going to be on msn and browing the web, no gaming for me for a while. It's a shame, I ordered Splinter Cell Chaos Theory two days ago and it was going to arrive tomorrow. Thanks for trying to help though.
  8. I was playing Jedi Academy about 20 minutes ago, and for some reason the game started freezing and blue lines started appearing down my screen, I thought it was a graphics bug but it kept on happening. Then the screen kept on flashing black, and now when I try to start it up the bios is messed up, all of the text appears as strange a's [They look like german writing] When I try to boot up windows xp normally, on the windows xp logo/loading screen, the logo is messed up and blue lines appear down the screen, and after it finishes loading it just goes black. In safe mode [Which was very hard to get to because the writing is all gibberish] all of the colours are messed up, it looks like 8-bit colouring. Specs - Intel 3.0ghz processor Geforce 6600GT Sparkle 128mb Motherboard - Asus P4S800. I'm going to try reinstall the bios, if anyone could give me some suggestions I would be VERY grateful, and if anyones solution fixes it, I will love you for ever. MANY thanks, Pal.
  9. Mex

    Hey all

    Hey there, welcome back.
  10. Aww, that was so sweet. But I was kinda expecting something to pop up and scare me.
  11. Nope, I've been sabered from behind in duels alot of the time, and in duels I get hit in the side alot. You must have been playing an early build or something. I've never experienced any "immune block".
  12. I guess you're right, since I might buy a new graphics card. And don't worry I won't make a thread about it, I've already picked out some ones that I might get. Edit : Oh and thanks for your help guys, been trying to figure out what the problem is for a while.
  13. Oo-err. Thats going to be a bit hard. I don't have a job. I better get one soon, I don't want my pc getting any worse than it is now. Edit : How much W should my new power supply be? Around 450-500?
  14. I don't play JA anymore, I play Movie Battles. One awesome mod, and if you haven't played it yet check it out. You won't regret it. I haven't been called a hacker or anything on it yet, on some duelling servers or saberist only servers some people ask "How are you so good?" Makes me feel a little bit proud.
  15. Any idea how I can find out how powerful the PSU is? Is there a label on the back, or a program I could use? Edit : Yes it's on the PSU itself, it is 350W. That should be powerful enough shouldn't it?
  16. I switched them aswell and the same problem has happened once, but it hasn't happened again yet. Later on when I get back from school I'll play a few games and see if it does it again.
  17. One word: No +two words: Hell no.
  18. Congratulations at becoming a mod! You deserved it.
  19. Specs : 3.0ghz Pentium 4 ED HT XFX 6600 gt 128mb 1 gig of ram Motherboard - Asus P4s800 Creative Audigy 2 ZS For some reason every day or so my framerate will just randomly drop to half of what it's supposed to be, sometimes worse for no apparent reason, and it'll last until I reinstall my graphics card drivers. I've tried tons and tons of drivers, beta drivers, official drivers, modifed drivers, everything and it does the same thing every single time. It only started happening since I installed the new motherboard and processor, I've reinstalled all drivers on my system and it does the same thing. I'm sure it's not the cooling, even if i put a fan next to the pc it'll still do it. This problem has been driving me crazy, and I just can't figure out a way past it. If anyone could search up some solutions or something that might help the problem I'd be eternally greatful.
  20. Then about 9/10 of my posts are crap. But oh well, I don't visit that often anymore.
  21. Look at the custom title, it reads not cute. So, hes not cute. And don't say he is cute, because hes not.. Aww look at the little snoogal woosms awwww!!
  22. Holy crap, it's a Not Found The requested URL / Pictures/Space_Needle.jpg was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache/1.3.33 Server at http://www.earthstation9.com Port 80
  23. Ooh, nice! Now that I think about it, I need a job. Been wanting to get one for weeks but my friend keeps on "forgetting" to get an application form.
  24. Oh.. You'll pay. Don't think you won't pay!
  25. Bah, evil Lucasforums. My avatar sucks.
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