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  1. Hmm Just checking to see if anyone still comes here
  2. Hehe guys calm down. The "Invalid game folder" (not sure about "file") error is due to either a legit client connecting to leaked-version-server or vice versa. Being this the first day of official launch, you'll have to wait a few days, until people get their copies, familiarized themselves with SP, then move to MP and open up servers. Enjoy your games.
  3. Yes, Zer0L0giC from raven was in #jediknight tonight and told us the "invalid game folder" error may occur in 2 cases: 1. leaked version client joining a 'legit' server. 2. legit client joinin leaked version server. Keep those bugs / errors coming up. We're asking Raven's people about them and get satisfying answers
  4. Wowowow What a nice worm welcome! thanks guys (and gals), it's nice to be here, with my kin insane nutcases Gunner, I'm not one to be 'afraid of' staff or no staff. I'm your average goofball and KBell, #jediknight isn't dead as much, since the game is about to be released... so feel free to hop back in. Catch you on the flip side guys.
  5. uh Hi guys I was told to come and post here. Someone said something about insanity, and I thought it's only appropriate that when insanity is here, so should I. Be here that is. So should I be here. yeah that's what I wanted to say. cuz, you see, me and insanity go a long way together. It all started on a stormy night in April. we were skating in the ring, and she came. SHE. Couldn't believe it. I could keep on mumbling, but I think the insane thing to do would be to just
  6. Cowboy


    Putting reason in ban is a must imo. not just a suggestion. Ops email list sounds cool, altho I think it would be used to spam our precious inboxes by nasty zodders
  7. Ok guys I know it's not relevant to JA being leaked, but I really want a glowing name here! so either one of you hotshots arrange it for me, or i'll keep banging my head on the monitor until 1 of 2 things may happen: 1. I'll see my name glowing, knowing someoen of you did it, in which case, cool and thanks. 2. i'll see my name glowing, followed by the world disapearing, followed by waking up not knowing who i am and why my monitor is crashed it's your choice. choose wisely
  8. Good call on removing them We knew instantly it was from a warez version because we know about a version that's been leaked, and people download it. How we know? being the official mirc channel operators of Jediknight games has its advantages
  9. Interesting.. yet you chose to show these pics under a newly registered name, and not one you have from the day JK2 came out
  10. well Considerring I cannot get my facts straight on this issue, and what more - the most probable 'excuse' of one such as you, would be "I received these from a friend and wanted to share" - make me feel I didnt go too far. bitch and asshat taken back tho. I dont usually curse
  11. Yeah bitch. nice of you to come into lucasarts forums and show us your warezed version... btw IP has been logged and reported. enjoy your day asshat.
  12. well poo poo da poo for you! this place is dead
  13. Sorry RedWing I'm not a figment of your imagination:rolleyes: but you may dream of me if you wish
  14. Hi Jed! uhh Hi to every1 else too Hi to the trees, and the flowers, and the weed. yeah hi to the weed especially
  15. Yeah For some reason - people tend to like me. I'm the harmless, kind type, who's fun to chat with. oh and I always have fun so thanks. I'll try to post more only it's hard. so many choices where to post.. how does one decide?
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