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  1. The Damage i am referring to Is Base damage set on default (g_saberdamagescale 1), i do know that saber damage can be decreased and increased but i can't go on and ask, can u turn down the damage settings
  2. ye thats why professional is in inverted commas....
  3. This plea goes out to any developers or jka, whether it is Raven or lucas arts...This game needs patching..Badly. Too many times i have played jka, gone into a game and gotten extremly mad because of those one hit kills... Yes the lovely one hit kills or "Instas"...i thought the damage for red was supposed to be lowered in multiplayer, today i play jka when i was playing power duel and one hit from a red shot took off 125hp and killed me instantly, whats fair in that? Now this has also become an exploit for many "professional clans". A simple "wiggle" of the mouse and the saber manages to do 100+ damage, another exploit is where the player vertically strikes their opponant, as the saber hits the floow the play with backflip causing more damage. If a demo is required i will glady provide evidence to back my point up. Blue Lunge's Take 100+ damage off and Yellow seems to be just as powerful as red. The Developers have noticably gone for saber damage which doesn't damage when the player strikes, but involves the amount of the time their saber "burns" their opponant. Another example of an insta is where the player Left red swings, as the saber comes out, they spin causing extreme amount of damage causing a one hit kill. One other problem, FIX the roll? Why did u change it? it was fine as it is, i thought rolls allowed you to dodge attacks, not let you open to attack i mean, seriously, what the hell? This post will only get listened to if other players who have experienced the same problems, who are verteran players like myself who have also player JK2 online can back me up or this post will be of no use....lets get this game balanced like JK2 1.04 when it involved skill to be good, not luck on one hit kills.
  4. Has any1 got any suggestions of some models/skins i can downloads for jedi knight 2?
  5. 54. You make a LightSaber out of some tin foil and a torch, put on your mums wedding dress and hit people around the head with your "lightsaber" say "May the force be with you" to every stranger you see.
  6. Pres

    Crumby FPS

    Hi i guess this has been done before, so sorry before hand. But when i play some maps on FFA i lag realy badly because the FPS gets really low causing me to freeze. as u can imagine this is a mega pain in the ass and i was just wondering is there any cure for this? Thanks I use a BT ADSL modem at 512k
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