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    I know this answer comes bit late, but... Anyway, try typing: C:\DOCUME~1\FAMILY\MYDOCU~1\MICHAEL>charlie [flag] D:\MONKEY2\MONKEY2.000 D:\MONKEY2\MONKEY.001 //Antti
  2. Antti

    about MI2 blocks

    Thanks mate, the source has it all. //Antti
  3. I found a small bug from the character set viewer... Don't use it like this: 'Charlie [flag] directory' if the directory you give is not at the current drive. So with for example cd-games type the full paths of the files: 'charlie [flag] d:\dig\dig.la0 d:\dig\dig.la1'. Sorry about this, but I don't think I'm going to fix this as it works just fine otherwise. If it doesn't, feel free to contact me and I'll see what I can do. //Antti
  4. Antti

    about MI2 blocks

    Terve! Would anyone happen know how the data in CYCL, BOXM, ZP0?, EPAL, SCAL and NLSC -blocks of MI2 should be interpreted or do I have find it out myself? and remember, keep on pushing the culture! //Antti
  5. Hi I just mailed the viewer to Tomas and asked if he could put it on LucasHacks! I hope I contacted the right person... So wait a while! Also, if you tell me your e-mail I can send it to you. By the way, was the name of the resource file in Dott tentacle.001? I hope it was or I'm forced to make some changes to the viewer. Happy hacking, haters hate but we shall ball! //Antti
  6. I've made a tool to view the character sets of Scumm versions five and six (for example MI2 and Sam'n'Max). It's nice for it runs in 320x200 mode (which gives an authetic feel). So, if someone likes to have it, just let me know... I'm not sure if it works with the newest operating systems for it uses old 16-bit Dos-commands (it works with Win95). I've also made a tool to view information from MI2 and Indy 4 directory files (you know, like monkey2.000), but I'm not sure if anyone can find use for it. Again, if someone likes to have it, just inform me! That's all folks, keep pushing the culture!
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