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  1. I'm taking this place off my favorites permanent departure, I'll miss alot of you guys, I'm out.
  2. I can understand Spam, I can understand Flamming, I can understand Advertising, yet No Joke Threads.... You people have no humor anymore, I out of here.
  3. You fool, They are mine forever! You shall fall to the crimeside... soon...
  4. Ever since I set foot in this horrible excuse for a forum, I have planned and plotted. Now that I have taken control of this forums leaders, I now control buisness around here. The crime lords of this forum belongs to me now. What you choose to do must be checked by me, All who oppose willsuffer for their treason, Your are all now my lackies in crime. If I say take a tank and kill people, DO IT! If I say shove the old lady to the street, DO IT! If I say stand on your head DO IT! You freedom is MINE to mangle now! You souls ARE MINE!!!! Your muscles are mine!!! Your Devil Dogs.... are mine...... Your incopetence to live good crimeless lives sickens me!! You shall no longer obey the goverments law, but only the GOBLIN'S LAW!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahehehehehohoho Thank you...
  5. Get a better connection like DSL or something.
  6. First off, It was suppose to show how the city's youth saw Spidey as a role model and a close friend. 2 Is The city people, standing up for a super-hero that just save them (Also it was funny when Doc Ock sayd "Alright then" and shoved them) 3 He lossed them due to stress, and when he solves it he gains his powers back. 4 As for the 2 comics, pretty funny, I did remember a couple kids crying while watching Spider-Man 2.
  7. It's a guy, the face shows up in the game on the status bar, and noised from the doom guy are men like sounds, not anyone can play Doom. Pee Wee Herman and DooM? yeah right
  8. Or just give him a good catchy name, like Max Payne the man with no- oh sorry...
  9. Yes Raven is doing the game work, yet ID is basically just giving them staff, rights, ect. Also the DooM III Engine to work with. I think he did. He already does the shifting eye, he's not that bad of an actor. Arnold would have been good but he's busy now. Thomas Jane might be good. There is probably a actor good for the role.
  10. 2 thing can make the DooM Character right, rarely speaks, or CGI
  11. The Director and sceen witer are new, let's hope they're like M. Night before signs and village. They better not mess this one up. I'm just praying it will be very good.
  12. Yes of course Wolfenstien was the stepping stone for Doom which made ID a name remembered in history, yet this isn't Wolfenstien the movie (They should) I'm just giving a quick history on Doom.
  13. Yes, that is true, I hope this is the first good game movie. Commander Keen was made by id yet, that was before id become it's own company. When Commander keen was being made id worked with another company I believe. Here's a list of games ID made or was ever involved in. - Commander Keen (Most of it) - Wolfenstien3D (ID) - Wolfenstien3D Spear of Destiny (ID) - DooM (ID) - DooM II (ID) - Final Doom (Clearence for TNT to make it) - Quake (ID) - Quake II (ID) - Quake III Arena (ID) - Return to Castle Wolfenstien (ID) - Jedi Knight Outcast (Q3 Engine) - Elite Force (Q3 Engine) - Elite Force II (Q3 Engine) - Call of Duty (Q3 Engine) - Enemy Territory (free online only by ID) - DooM III (ID) - Quake IV (in development, D3 Engine, ID) - *Possible* AVP 3 (DooM III Engine, Brought up by John Camrack) - Return to Castle Wolfenstien 2 (D3 Engine, Slipped out of one of the developers mouth during a interview)
  14. One day in 1992 a small group of developers and programmers released the game that would forever change the gamming world. Doom was met with praise and protest on it's release in 1992. The game gave the player a view from the character's eyes. Equipped with a pistol you fought from gun wielding zombies to fireball throwing demons. The game was blamed for many shootingsor other crimes. But the number of fans were too great. Id Software soon came with the sequal. More blood, more violence, and more DooM. Id then move to different projects such as "Quake". A group called TNT Made their version of the end of DooM entitled Final DooM . As time grew, so did the technology. When Id created the next engine to amaze fans. The presenter wasn't the warpgate jumper from Quake, or anyone else. Yet an old favorite thought to be in retirement, DooM. DooM 3 is still being bought today. It's fame grows well. But so many thought this was the end of the DooM franchise. What a shame, until I found this out http://www.comingsoon.net/films.php?id=5873 I hope it does very well.
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